The music of Home and Away

As requested by super commenter Drew’s Shrew – here’s a page for ye to discuss the tunes and ditties that crop up in diners and private residences across the Bay.

I haven’t a clue myself, so away ye go!

20 thoughts on “The music of Home and Away”

  1. Was that an Axel Whitehead original composition on Friday at the worlds most insensitive engagement party?

  2. I hope it was Axel! and that he wrote it with such an event in mind for its debut.

    They used to play a load of Empire of the Sun also.

  3. Oh sorry only seeing this now, a month later…. Hurray! Thanks for setting this up, I think they play some great music on H&A (along with some crap), I’m forever trying to listen into the background music in the diner or wherever.

    I’m a big fan of Aussie music after spending some time over there in the past and try to keep relatively up to date on it from home.

    Some of my favourites that I’ve heard played in the past:
    The Mess Hall – Always played when the River Boys are in a mood to be bad… Features River-Boy-A-Like hottie Jed Kurzel, pwoar.

    Machine Translations – One of my favourite Aussie bands of all time, this one is played when the sun is shining and the diner is hopping.

    78 Saab – They more often play their song Cops but I can’t find a link to it. Love these guys for chilling out.

    The Boat People – Another one they play when the sun shines or someone is in a cheeky mood. Great pop ditty.

    Washington – I’m almost certain I’ve heard her played on H&A before, but if not its a great song, she played in Whelans Upstairs last November and it was ace.

    Band Of Horses – The only non Aussie band I think I’ve ever heard on the soundtrack, they’ve played this song constantly over the last year or so. Love that band.

    And for comedic value, I’ve heard Tex Perkins played in the Bay a few times of late, here’s one with himself & Tim Rogers that would NOT appear on H&A and is infact not safe for work, but I really really think you’ll all enjoy it… Very funny to see them do that live, giggling all the way.


  4. Here’s a Axel song. Check out his toothpick usage at the start, havent seen it in the bay in a while.

  5. A lot of the music in the diner has been by an artist called Joan as a Policewoman – particularly a song called The Magic

  6. will someone tell me please i heard a good song on today near the start of the episode,. wednesday the 4th does anyone know any of the names of the songs>??

  7. There was quite a good tune playing over Friday’s montage of Heath looking sadly at his robot baby/Bianca conked out in her hospital bed/Liam staring confusedly into the middle distance. Anyone know what it was?

  8. That’ll be “Solider On” by The Temper Trap. Playing The Academy on 2nd October…

  9. Does anyone know of the song that plays at the end of epsiode 5559 when Heath and Bianca are talking about being together?

  10. AR – Just shazammed that one, its Sweating Bullets by Crooked Saint.

    EMC – no shazam for that one, must be a Matt Page original!

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