Next level alert 2

Marilyn walked in on Maddy and Spencer as things were getting hot and heavy. They discussed taking things to the next level in his van but were interrupted. Roo and Harvey had to deal with the fall out and decided to sit them down for the talk. Now Spencer doesn’t think he’s ready while Maddy was trying to pounce on him down the beach. Young love eh?

Dex is feeling much better these days, remembering everything. April on the other hand is having problems dealing with the stress and anxiety of Uni and is reverting to her OCD ways. Sid saw her behaviour and is concerned. She lost the plot when trying to deal with her timetable and came back to the diner in tears. Are college timetables that difficult to follow, especially for somebody who got into medicine?

Nat and Zack had a tête-à-tête in the diner after he had confronted Brax on the beach. Zack asked the River boss to stay away from Nat; he replied that it was Nat who needed to be told to steer clear of him. Liam met Nat on the beach for a chat, wearing full biker gear while she was wearing minuscule gym gear. Does Liam have reptilian blood?

By the way it seems that we got it wrong on Liam, he didn’t leave the Bay after all. He met Romeo on the clifftop last Friday and the kid put Liam’s problems into perspective by revealing his terminal cancer. Hopefully that will snap Liam out of his recent funk. He’ll have to find a job somewhere, not many options open to him in the Bay now.

Last minute reprieve

Casey faced facts that he was going to have to return to jail. He geared up for it, despite Brax advising he go on the run. Then Zack got a phone call at the last moment, saying he didn’t have to go back, so all is good and Zack is the saviour. Unfortunately he paid for it with his job as he got fired by the prisonies. Natalie was dead impressed with his heroism and pashed him right in front of Brax. In your face ex-boyfriend.

Romeo is still keeping his cancer a secret from Indi, despite Sid advising otherwise. Sid called him to come in and said that the cancer had spread to his liver, lungs and brain. WTF? No chance of a last minute reprieve there. The poor fella is not long for this world, which is pretty bad timing as he just gave his wife a “soul mates” bracelet. She’ll be devo when she finds out. It’s like the Belle and Aden storyline again, or Meg and Blake if you want to go really old school.

Sasha is running a campaign to let the girls wear the boys uniform but she’s having problems getting people to sign up. Rosie is acting aloof, trying not to appear desperate to get back into Sasha’s good books. I hope those two manage to have a reconciliation, Rosie needs all the mates she can get, fish can’t be enough.

The sulky surfer

Kyle is feeling a bit sorry for himself. Tamara told him to cop himself on and then went to visit Casey in the hospital. She’s happy that he’s agreed to cut a deal with the Prisonies, so he’s back in the free world. Brax won’t be happy as he spent the whole episode slagging Zack when his advice worked out and got his bro out of jail, while Brax’s advice got him stabbed.

Romeo had a mole removed but doesn’t want Indi to find out. He asked Sid not to talk about it, which Sid agreed to until the test results came back. Unfortunately, the results were bad, it’s melanoma. He’ll have to tell her indoors now.

Heath is a knob. He offered to help out in the gym until Casey returns to work but got the hump when Romeo refused his help. He reckons the gym can do without a drug dealer. Heath lost it and went off for a sulk and a surf. Can you imagine him working behind the counter dealing with the customers?

Gym customer: Excuse me, this treadmill is broken.

Heath: I don’t give a stuff, fix it yourself genius.

Get it out!

“If you have anything in your lungs, get it out!” as John Palmer said to Rosie and Sasha. Casey saved them from the surf after Rosie’s mental dash into the water. Lucky for them he was around. Sasha covered for her mate but that could be the end of their friendship. She handed back the necklace that Rosie gave her, she’s had enough and I don’t blame her. Rosie is far too intense and a bit psycho. Sash told Nat about the incident so she had word with the young wan, who denied everything. I think the lady doth protest too much. Rosie is going insane on her own. Nat wants her to move in with a foster family, how about Roo and co in the caravan park?

Casey is very blase about his problems on the inside with Courtney and Jamie. Brax tried to get him thinking about his plans for jail but Casey just wants to play it by ear as he has experience there, unlike his elder bro. He doesn’t want any protection from Zack anymore as he doesn’t reckon it’s working out. He thinks that Zack was only helping Casey so he could get back with Nosey Nat but they denied it. Brax told Casey to ask Zack for help if he needed it, no point in letting his bother’s problems getting in his own way.

Tamara needs a place to live so she asked Brax to write a letter of recommendation so she could get a lease on a new property. She’s having problems with Kyle so she suggested they just stay out of each other’s way. Kyle is such a reformed character that he offered his room to Tamara, saying that he’d take the couch. Cosy.