Bang bang

Oh dear, Xavier shot Jai.  Jai walked in front of him as he was trying to get a jammed shotgun to fire. Darwin award for both of them. I bet Bruce Campbell is laughing his head off in Aussie heaven.

Hmm Charlie may get around but she’s a lot more self-aware than Martha is. She explained her romantic situation to Constable Risotto. That Mae one will be gone in a flash.

Peroxide Piranha

Good quote there by Irene; she reckons Mrs. Lou is a “peroxide piranha” and is after her money. Unfortunately it looks like the tax man might get there first.

Angelo Risotto is getting suspicious of Hugo; do you think Hugo killed Lou?

Oh great, Xavier and Jai found a load of guns. This is going to be a disaster. I hope Rachel is on standby with her mad doctor skillz.

Porno, the Pill and the Police (4890)

There were a few classic Home and Away scenarios in that episode.

Firstly, Jai was given a porno mag at school because he “needed it” after Annie dumped him. He left it at home, where Alf found it thinking it was Miles’s, Miles found it thinking it was Alf’s, and eventually Annie found it and dumped Jai all over again. Textbook.

Then, Miles thought he was about to get Kirstie up the duff, but sneakily she was taking the Pill behind his back.

Lastly, Hugo found Xavier slashing the tyres on Officer Risotto’s car. He took the weapon off him and then turned around to get caught and blamed himself. Brilliant.

Misunderstanding is the name of the game in Summer Bay.

Speed demon

What was Hugo thinking? Ok it was a quiet country road, but how did he think Xavier would be able to get away with driving without a license? He should have remembered the golden rule that nobody ever gets away with anything in summer bay, unless they are evil. An ordinary character who tries to pull a stroke or bend the rules, always gets found out. The funny thing is, they never learn.