Big meanies

Ooh, the writers of Home and Away are toying with our emotions, and no mistake. The Family Palmer were as happy as possible, and Jett was being as cute as possible, so of course something had to go wrong. Gina had some class of aneurysm. You know things are bad when you start seeing yourself as an apparition.

At least she remembered one of her other sons before disaster struck. I was half-expecting her to answer the phone with a “Xavier who?”. Poor Bandicoot and Hugo don’t get a look in.

Marilyn foresaw it all, of course. She’ll be feeling mega-guilty for days now.

Dex felt bad for taking it to the next level in the hospital. He’s obviously never seen Grey’s Anatomy. April, spurred on by the positive-thinking-vibes of her recent girls’ night, confronted him and wished him luck in the future. He just looked confused.


Romeo, Romeo, speak up there Romeo

Mr. Smith has the oul’ caaaanca, but he won’t tell his wife. Well, she’ll deduce it soon enough from his withdrawn ways, and if she doesn’t, her dear daddio will let it slip. I only hope Romeo doesn’t tell Heath, who then tells Indi, as that would be a disaster of Home and Away proportions.

What a diagnosis though! Sid seems to be giving him a little hope with the promise of new treatments, but Romeo is riddled with it.

Gina and John told Jett they wanted to adopt him. Jett, the wee dote, went mad, saying he wasn’t good enough. He gave Gina a good dig by saying her sons wouldn’t like it. I’d say Gina thought, “who?”.

Sasha was so amazing and by-the-book in her petitioning for equal-rights uniforms that Gina is going to back her cause with the PNC. Sasha was delighted with this, but had no friends to tell, since she dissed Rosie. Bad move, Sash.


Romeo, Romeo, how dumb are you Romeo?

Romeo is a sap. He is risking his gammy knee to enter the Summer Bay Surf Carnival. I got the impression it was a small-town, local affair, not the bleedin’ OLYMPICS! In any case, he’s getting his steroids from new dad Heath. Oh, Bianca is going to love this!

Roo and Harvey are still contemplating their future. Roo is pretty annoyed, but it’s not as though she didn’t have her own dalliance. I want to pick a side, but I just don’t care enough.

Gina and John are still at odds, over nothing. Zzzzzzzz. At least Gina remembered she had sons in today’s episode.

Space and time

…Are the magic ingredients necessary to make Ruby’s relationship with Romeo work according to the woman herself. Now that Sid gave Indy the money to repay Romeo, Ruby wants his ex out of the picture. Everything is going swimmingly according to Ruby, what could possibly go wrong? Did somebody say “fake pregnancy”? Leah knows the truth now so Romeo finding out cant be far away, can’t wait for that scene. Charlie would be so proud if she could see her daughter now.

Alf has had it with Roo bringing strays into his gaff, first that no-good Harvey and then his daughter. How’s a bloke to get some proper rest with the two of them cavorting around the kitchen table at the crack of dawn? I think he’s near his flamin’ limit, he’s had a gut full.

Xav managed to keep his cop job, just. John’s interference nearly cost him his badge by sticking his nose in with the senior sergeant but he let Xavier off in the end. The end result is he’s decided to separate his job from his family by moving to the Aussie Templemore. I’ll miss his dim witted capers.