It sounds like you made a mistake and you’re trying to cover it up with some fancy tests

Stu’s mum isn’t a big fan of Sid. She’s blaming him for the fact that her fella came into the hospital with heart trouble. The above quote was how she thanked him for saving his life.

Sid recomended to Indi that she talk to Romeo before jumping to any conculusions.Silly Sid, where did logic ever get anybody?

Indi and Romeo had a good diner based showdown followed by a blue on the beach. She doesn’t trust him even though he insists nothing happened. Romeo should really steer clear of Ruby for a while, even though he is innocent of what she claims he did.

Sasha and Xavier were worried about her impending murder trial. She left an incriminating note in Stu’s gaff and wanted to break in and get it. Even Xavier knew that a stupid idea and told her so. Silly Sasha went anyway and broke in when nobody answered the door, then hid under the bed when Ma Stu returned. Unsurprisingly, she got caught red handed trying to sneak out. This won’t look well in court.

Cop out

Charlie’s funeral went off without a hitch, well there was the small problem of her boyfriend not being there. Brax couldn’t make it as he was busy lashing into the old sea dog rum in Angelo’s. He did turn up to Leah’s later to go off at Ruby for turning off the life support machine. Ruby hit back by saying how Brax coming into Charlie’s life was the worst thing to ever happen to her. Ouch. She did have a point though, he cost Charlie a lot.

Morag turned up for the funeral and told Ruby how proud of her she was. Rubes is still heading to the city with Casey, wait scratch that, he’s not going now. He was disturbed by Brax’s diatribe and said he had to stay in the bay for his bro. Rubes is going to be flying solo in the city.

Sasha and Xav seem to be getting on well these days. I know she’s 15 but what age is he now, 18? I wonder what he’s going to do next? He had talked about going backpacking round the world for a year which would be cool but it’s hard to see what other careers might be open to him. Maybe he could turn evil and take over the boys who’ve lacked leadership since Brax took early retirement. Otherwise he’ll have to settle for a job in the surf club, Angelo’s or the bait shop.There aren’t many options for a young male school leaver in the bay.