Great birthday present


Unbelieveable. Kate Ritchie introducing the Summer Bay weddings of the past. We had a pregnant (with Martha?) Roo running out on Frank, Alf and Ailsa slying off to become man and wife, and Angel miraculously rising from her wheelchair to walk down the aisle. Not to mention Don and Marilyn’s nuptials, and Hayley’s ghost dad giving her away. Hayley was always seeing ghosts. Do yis want a lend?

Here comes the bride/horse/hospital orderly

Yay a Summer Bay wedding is impending! I wonder what shenanigans will go down at Elijah and Leah’s nuptials? They won’t be able to beat Sally and Flynn’s hospital ceremony! Or Kim arriving at his on horseback.

Sally’s off the market

Oh no lads, Sally’s getting hitched.  Do you reckon this wedding will end up in a hospital, like her last one?  I wonder will she invite “Mr. Stewart”?

I can’t believe she was “somewhere in Europe” and didn’t visit us.

Thanks to Emma for the tip-off!