Judgement day

Romeo and Dex are having a hard time, remembering which lies they told when trying to cover up his trip to the hospital. Pretty stupid move by them given that their respective girlfriends are far smarter than they are. Romeo is worried about Dex so decided to tail himself and April to the diner. The ladies are suss, especially Indi, Romeo can’t lie to save his life. Dex felt guilty and fessed up about the whole thing which April freaked at. His dishonesty and attempts to protect her has backfired in a big way.

Casey’s trial jury has reached a verdict. They pronounced him not guilty of murder, he got off on self defence, but he was found guilty of armed robbery. The judge gave him a good behaviour bond, so no jail for Casey. The Braxtons are over the moon, understandably, except for Kyle. He’s feeling dum about his da, the dog. Heath took him up to the graveyard. The two brothers bonded over the fact that their Dad didn’t give a damn about them. So far so good until Watson and Constable John turned up in Angelo’s to arrest Kyle for kidnapping Casey. Another trial?

Natalie, sporting a lovely waistcoat, is happy that the trial is over as she can get it back on with Brax now. Sasha is happy about her fella but she wants Tamara “the desert girl” to leave town, having a love rival on the scene doesn’t sit well with her.

Sid is worried about Lisa, she hasn’t been responding to his texts. He doesn’t know that she’s made up with her mental hubbie, Neil. Sid should go round there and check on her himself.

Changing times

Sasha is having a hard time adjusting to life without a crush on Casey. Sid told her to get on with things but she won’t listen, the poor love-sick puppy. Sid told his daughter about Casey’s mysterious half-brother Kyle, which he finds a bit far-fetched. Sasha disagreed and she’s right, long-lost relatives are commonplace in the bay. She went to visit Casey in hospital, told him how she feels, and Casey apologised for his behaviour.

Ma Braxton is hanging around, counselling Heath i.e. stirring things up. She stormed over to Irene’s to confront Bianca over the fact that she’s taking care of the funeral details. Bianca was lucky that Irene was in her corner and told Cheryl to sling her hook. I thought Heath and Brax were anti-police but Cheryl takes that to a whole new level, shouting abuse at the sergeant in the hospital which he took with good grace.

The cops are on Casey’s case. Brax was told that they need to find Kyle or else Casey will face further charges related to skipping his bail hearing. Now it’s time for Brax to get all the details on Kyle that he can and track him down. I am somewhat confused in relation to this, didn’t Brax leave Kyle out in the desert? He could be dead by now.

Where is Watson gone?  I miss her and Fitzy.

Dex is struggling to cope with the fact that he can’t help April given all the help she’s given him. Dex’s life has changed and it’s not going back to normal anytime soon. He ended the episode lying on the ground in a heap when April ran off.

RIP Rocco

Poor Baby Rocco; he didn’t even live long enough to get his first tattoo. His parents are understandably shaken up; I predict a breakup and a return to bad-boy form for Heath.

Brax decided not to tell Casey about Rocco’s demise. He reckons Casey has plenty on his plate, he’s in hospital and the police want to arrest him for breaking bail. An unidentified cop (where’s Watson?) was very skeptical of Brax’s tale of kidnap and rescue. Natalie soon corroborated his story though. That was her last act of girlfriendliness, however, as she broke it off with Brax. Her reasons were that she didn’t want to deal with all the shootings, kidnappings, and general life in the Braxton clan. If only Charlie had been so sensible.

Gina is up in arms against Marilyn, for seducing John. The only thing is that Marilyn didn’t do it. She can’t help it if her bouffant hair and friendly ways attract the menfolk. Roo put Gina straight so hopefully she and Marilyn can be friends again.

As Alf pointed out, John has a lot to answer for when he returns to the Bay.

Sasha’s salvation

Sasha’s trial continued but the young lady need fear not, Morag’s on the case.  She cross examined Watson, and got her to admit that she used to think that it was a case of accidental death, not murder but her bosses told her to upgrade the case to murder. What’s going on? The jury finds Sasha not guilty, but Stu’s dad swears revenge. Xavier threw her into the ocean to celebrate, he’s a simple kid. They declared their love for each other and all’s well in the bay.

Morag is my favourite character in the show by miles. I’d watch a courtroom drama programme based on her cases – “Justice by Bellingham”, it would be class.

Ruby is continuing her liaison with Steve the surfer dude, who smokes spliffs down the beach. Rube’s not that impressed and doesn’t dig stoners. I don’t see this relationship continuing long term, especially as she’s still holding a candle for Romeo. Steve is playing the decent bloke but slipped a massive package of grass into her baggage ahead of the flight. That’s going to be hard one to explain when they get caught.

Marilyn has a new client in her hairdressing salon. This woman has a teenage daughter called Lottie and an ex husband who is none other than Roo’s boyfriend Harvey. This could get awkward, especially as she asked Harvey to move out of his own house so she and her daughter can move in.