There is no more time

Zac is now an honorary Braxton now, he took them to kidnap the twins. I don’t know why they are bothering to get involved. Kyle couldn’t resist, even though he’s on probation, but he made the point that he was the expert on kidnapping and they would need his expertise. Zac distracted his bro while the Braxton’s sneaked into the house and took Oscar and Evelyn with them. I don’t know when they had to be so careful and sneaky in taking the kids, the cult don’t look that threatening. Beyond Zac’s brother there didn’t seem many others and they don’t look like they’d put up much of a fight.

Indi and Chris are finding it hard to get some alone time. Chris is buttering up Irene to get on her good side. Irene is feeling a bit smothered by his over affection.

Roo is worried about Maddy spending time with Josh. He took her on a date to get some gelato, but the cops showed up and nicked him in connection with the car crash. Maddy thinks Roo grassed him up but it turns out Alf is the rat. He refused to stand by while she makes a big mistake with Josh so he called YCPD with the deets and now he’ll have to answer for his crime.

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Vogue does Home and Away

…is on tonight (RTE Two, 9.55). We didn’t make the cut but I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful insights into the world of Summer Bay, or at least, some sunny scenes to warm us up on this cold November evening.

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