This happened yesterday

John Palmer expresses his sorrow

Ok, it’s on Twitter, but still:

Ups and downs

After all that to-and-fro, Bianca and Heath are now engaged. In a mad/nice move, Celia gave Heath her engagement ring, from her marriage that never was. Les sounds like a nice sort.

So, there’s another Home and Away wedding in the works. It’s been 13 months since Bianca’s last big day, and 14 months since she was going to marry the Prince.

When Celia told Alf about her generosity, he told her her work was done, and to pack her bags. Strange logic, but it seemed to work. Celia is off into the wide blue yonder again. Shame, they could do with a older lady for comic relief. Yoo-hoo, only me!

Sasha is becoming fast friends with Maddie and Spence, and Rosie doesn’t like it one bit. The poor child is gone daft with loneliness. So she tried to fake-drown herself in the sea, in order to get Sasha’s attention. I found myself shouting “would ye just float” at the telly. I’d say they were only a few feet into the ocean.

Poor Sasha too, she always attracts the nutters. Maybe she’ll have to “accidentally” kill Rosie too.*

Real-life Sasha and Rosie are on Twitter, see our H&A twitter list here.



* Only messing, Sasha, old chum.

Ruby’s on to us! (we think)

Rebecca Breeds who plays Ruby has sent us a message on Twitter (if it is really her!):

RebeccaaBreeds@homeandawayIE Hey awesome site 🙂 this is rebecca breeds who plays ruby in home and away. Happy new year 🙂 <3 becks x


Oh wait, maybe it’s not her, someone else said this:

rebeccaweb@homeandawayIE That’s not Rebecca’s twitter, she only has a personal facebook.


Update 2:

Ok maybe it is her again. Who knows?

williamsisfab@homeandawayIE Hey that rebecca breeds is real, dont listen to rebeccaweb shoe doesnt no a thing, I met rebecca in person and this is her !

RebeccaaBreeds@homeandawayIE Hey, Rebeccaweb has been telling you i am not real, this is not true i promise. I have facebook which has all my photos on.:)

Here’s her twitpic account so if it’s not her it’s a good stalker!