The next Sheila that comes along

All of the Stewarts are outraged at the news that Harvey slept with Mel. Alf was in a great mood as the fishing was good, but this update ruined his day. Roo was so out of sorts that she put on a horrible top instead of a massive dress. Harvey had the audacity to blame Roo’s contact with Tim as an excuse for his indiscretion. Not really the road to forgiveness, Harvey me dear.

Casey and Sasha went to the next level in the woods, even though there were no fairy lights there. Then Casey fell silent. Sasha is rightly annoyed and feels used. Indi and Brax are in on it now, so Casey is in for a mega-nagging.

Dex played the martyr by telling April to leave him. Surely he’ll be fine in a month? If not, he’ll be shipped off to the Whitsundays, pronto. I wonder how Sebastian is getting on there?

Half-cocked Harvey

What’s a girl to Roo? Sure she’s beating the fellas off with a stick. Tim is still hanging around, driving Harvey insane with the jealousy. He went so far as to burst into the diner and ask Roo to get married to him there and then. She agreed at first but then she heard the small print – Harvey wanted her to tell Tim to stick his job. Roo refused, and tracked Tim down for another beachside briefing. She made her mind up to stick with her fiance and said goodbye to Tim with a hug. Harvey saw this and interpreted it as something more which lead him to move out of the house. Why didn’t he wait and talk to Roo first? Half-cocked Harvey.

Is Liam a bit jealous? Indi brushed off his date plan in favour of going for a surf with Romeo. Liam didn’t seem that impressed when he found out and suggested they break up. Is there a chance, yet another chance, for a Rinidi re-union?

Marilyn was pretty hungover and didn’t go to work. Luckily Leah was able to manage the diner on her own, taking the salad out of the freezer and making the odd cappuccino. How does that business support so many staff, it never seems that busy despite how stressed Leah acts.

Oh great Dex, you’re awake, now let me tell you all about my problems

That was Indi’s attitude. She sized Dex up, thought he seemed healthy enough, and launched into an explanation of her long, long, ongoing marital problems. She spoke so loudly that Liam heard her from the corridor. Off he went to have a row with Romeo.

April got upset when Dex didn’t want to see her. He’s probably annoyed that he’s been lying around half-naked for days.

Roo kissed yer man Tim. I don’t really care. He better not rob us of a Summer Bay wedding, though!

Two little mates

Romeo’s dreams are falling apart in front of his eyes. He went for a walk on the beach with his “best mate” only to be told that he’s carrying on with his ex-wife. Romeo can’t stand the sight of Liam now and is moving out of Leah’s house to show his displeasure. Maybe he can follow Ruby’s road to ruin and go sulk in a van for a while before sabotaging Liam’s motorbike.

Tim’s new business venture means that Roo has landed a dream job for herself. The downside is that she’ll have to commute to the city. Harvey is less than impressed about his fiance spending time with her ex. Harvey isn’t very secure in his relationship but Roo wouldn’t do the dirt, would she?

Richard wants Jet, but Jet doesn’t want to go to crappy Western Australia. When his Dad turned up at the gaff looking to collect his nipper, Jet had a change of heart and left with his old man. That’s another former crook kid reformed by the redemptive airs of the bay. He can leave town with his head held high. Gina will be heart-broken now, she’ll have to find another pet project.