Brain surgery

Boom! That’s the sound of Summer Bay reacting to the Sniper blowing up the hospital.

Bianca and Heath were trapped inside with Nate once the roof collapsed. Bianca had pressure on the brain, what Hugo might refer to as a brain explosion.

Nate said there is nothing for it, I’ll have to drill into her skull to relieve the pressure; she needed that like she needed a hole in the head.  Alf and the orange jumpsuit lads turned up in time to get her out but it’s touch and go whether she’ll be ok.  I love when Alf gets his emergency gear on, you know it’s business time when that happens.


The twins and Kyle are still trapped in the container without oxygen, food or water. Unbeknownst to them and their captors, Ethan was critically injured in the explosion and he won’t be back anytime soon. He croaked it and now nobody knows where the missing children and Kyle are.  Will Zac be able to save them before they resort to eating each other?

The sun, the moon, and the truth

Buddha said three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. With insight like that he would have done well in Summer Bay where a secret becomes public knowledge in seconds. Take Ricky’s pregnancy, yesterday only Kyle knew, now half the bay is aware of it.

Kyle is worried about Ricky & her delicate situation. She doesn’t want to tell Brax but he wants her to. She told Heath and he urged her to tell Brax, but she’s worried about raising a child while its father is in jail for 10 years. Heath respected her wishes and told Kyle to do the same. Bianca eventually told Bianca and all of Clan Braxton so the cat is out of the bag now.

Given the serve Leah gave her, the Sniper went MIA. Leah gave Bianca the lowdown on what happened so Bianca decided to make a formal complaint about Ms Montgomery. Leah is getting crank phone calls now, maybe she’s the sniper’s next target.

Casey is finding it hard to run the gym given that Heath is not helping with the paperwork. Irene told Chris to get a job so he knocked into Casey and asked him for some of Spencer’s gym shifts. Casey asked for time to think it over but Heath was easier work, he managed to take Spencer’s job and told his bro he was sacked. Irene was none too impressed when she heard and forced Chris to quit the gym and take up a job in the diner, which will be great fun I’d imagine.

Braxton baby

After Ricky fainted, her stalker Kyle called the doc, who confronted her and confirmed his suspicions – she’s pregnant. To make doubly sure, she did a pregnancy test in Nate’s presence, hygienically leaving it on the kitchen table while it developed. Kyle walked in just as she made the announcement, but she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Leah had a face-off with The Sniper, calling her a coward and a bully. Will she change her ways now?

Andy is a total weirdo; he asked Josh not to go to school so he could hang around with him all day.

Alf and Jett engineered a fancy lunch for John and Marilyn. Awwwwwww.

Take a walk on the wild side

Dex & April went to Sasha’s day spa for their bucks and hen night. It ended up in a massive game of monopoly. Wild. April was accepted into her Paris course so they’re off to France, without telling their families. Sasha lost it as did Dr Sid who walked in the door as they were telling her. Great to have Sid back, maybe he’ll throw Dex a proper buck’s night in the ditch.

sid is back

Matt and the Sniper had a “secret meetup” outside the surf club but Leah spotted them. She knows something is up. Montgomery met Matt on the beech and told him to tell the cops that Bianca tried it on with him. He refused so she smacked him. I can’t see this going away in a hurry. Next she broke into the school and sprayed “Slag” on Bianca’s door, she’s trying to frame Matt again.

Casey got his HSC. I must say, I didn’t see that coming.