Good luck Grace

Ah poor Grace. Thabo’s nurse dobbed her in to the authorities, then Morag wouldn’t perjure herself by defending her sham of a marriage.

morag bellingham

So Grace is off home, leaving Elijah with her blessing to get his freak on with Leah. Very gracious of her (geddit?). She even told him that God hadn’t left him at all, at all. So he’ll be back in his ninja ministry within the week. All’s well that ends well.

Thabo no more

  • Roo’s back
  • Miles saw her in the nip
  • Elijah told Leah he loves her
  • There was a hooley in Angelo’s
  • Miles did shots
  • Sid was called out to the hospital
  • Thabo died
  • Sid went back to the party
  • We bet Grace heads back to Zimbabwe


Nicole found the only fella in all of Australia who wouldn’t mind her being knocked up by a dead psycho; that’s pretty good going.  The whole experience has reminded her that she’s so much more than a gestational carrier.  Marilyn’s none too impressed though.

Brax set Angelo up by creating a fake drug deal.  Angelo rang Charlie, who was on it quicker than lightning (why did they break up?).  Now Brax knows where he stands with ex-Officer Risotto.

Angelo must be lacking in the restaurant management department.  First he was taking money from Penn, now Brax. Has he ever turned a profit?

Dr. Sid assisted in Thabo heart operation.  Come on, Sid, Rachel would have done that single-handedly and with her eyes closed.



It started with a kiss

Brax really should start listening to some Liam Murphy song lyrics.  If he did then he would learn that kisses hurt so much. Then he wouldn’t have tried to kiss Charlie, now the pain of that stolen kiss will cost him a night in the clink.  Dum Brax.

Roobs is pissed off too. Her night of illicit love with Romeo has plunged her into a self destructive spiral. She hospitalised herself with her insulin and then went into a mad sulk. She reckons Romeo took advantage of her and she wants revenge. No doubt Indy will learn the truth before long. Romeo will live to rue his lusty loins.

Did you hear VJ telling Thabo who his favourite football team are?  He said Juventus but pronounced it JEWventus.  Doesn’t sound like the writers know that much about the subject. Veej reckons everybody wants to play for them, maybe that was true in 1996 but far from reality today.