Killer revealed

Who killed Stu? It was none other than his ex sheila, Sasha!  She admitted it to Dr Sid, which is going to be a tough one for him.  He was the prime suspect for the YCPD, now he knows how he can get out of line of fire but to do so, he’ll have to implicate his own flesh and blood.  What a conundrum?

Romeo had a moment of clarity.  His wife was on his case about getting a proper job but Romeo doesn’t react well to wearing a suit and hates engaging in business banter.  After a quick chat with ex rockstar Liam, Romeo came up with a plan.  He’s going to do what he loves and is good at, surfing professionally. I’m hoping it goes well for him but Indi didn’t look too impressed.

Roo pushed Harvey in the water, which convinced him to apologise for messing her around and offer her the old job back. She accepted, for the sake of the bay. I really hope that the two of them don’t end up back together. Harvey is a pain in the ass.

You know we bongo together

So, after much ado, Bianca and Liam got married. I don’t know why Marilyn’s hairdressing business never took off, she’s got skillz yo.

Heath texted April, Bianca saw the text, went to find Heath to give out, was spotted getting into his car by that nuisance paparazzo, Heath and Bianca took off in the car, paparazzo gave chase, Heath went off-road to lose the snapper, and got a flat. So, everyone at the wedding presumed Bianca had done a runner. Understandable, that, seeing as that’s what happened last time she had a do.

In true Summer-Bay stylee, loads of people were missing. Neither party’s parents (or in the case of Liam, children) were there, Indi didn’t bother as her da is a murder suspect and she didn’t want questions, and Irene stayed at home on account of her dicky ticker. Luckily, Roo wore enough dress for 7 people, so that bulked out the crowd a bit.

Axle “Bongo” Whitehead’s version of the Home and Away theme accompanied the ceremony. It’s bouncy.

Sasha’s hair-bow-yoke was found where Stu met his maker. The net is closing.

Yes! A murder mystery!

Stu the Sasha Basha is dead. He hasn’t been seen since trying to get Sasha into his car. Shortly afterwards, she came home crying. Curious…

Of course angry doc Sid Walker is a suspect, having done some pre-death bashing of Stewart. Imagine if Rhys came back, and he and Sid formed an Angry Dads Alliance. The River Boys would be shaking in their boots.

Development Denis is in trouble as he moved Stu’s body from the resort to the caravan park. What an amazingly stupid (and sly) thing to do.

The paparazzi, sorry, I mean ONE paparazzo, is after Liam and Bianca. That’s pretty odd as Liam has been off the celebrity circuit for ages. Bianca is worried how this will affect the wedding, which, in true SB-time-warp-style, is tomorrow.

Cops 1, Doctors 0

The future of the Bay is in good hands; Officer Xavier will keep its streets clean. Xave is so hot-headed that criminals will cower in fear. He went mental when he heard Stu had yet again taken up his mantle as Sasha Basha.

The health of the Bay is in question, though; soon the Walker family could be doctorless. Sid is up on charges, and Dex wants to be an engineer.

I was happy to see Romeo in a suit. He’s no natural salesman, though, trying to close the deal by using his surfie skills.

Elijah’s been kicked out of Leah’s Home for Ragamuffins now that Ruby is back. She didn’t visit a hairdresser in The City.