Laying down the law

Xavier must have got a maturity injection, because he is playing according to the Dr. Sid rulebook where Sasha is concerned. He sincerely apologised when they accidentally broke her curfew, and brought her straight home when she snuck out of the house. Xave reckons Sasha is still messed up over Stew, so he broke up with her. Cue Sasha meltdown.

Indi got upset when she saw Rindi frolicking in the surf, so naturally she ran straight to Logan. Romeo saw them and then he got upset. So the Walker-Smiths had a heart-to-heart, which kind of cleared the air.

John Palmer is thrilled with himself because he found out that Harvey rigged the election. Somehow i think this will backfire on Mr. JP…

Cop killer

I had suspected that Charlie might go out with a bang but that wasn’t what I was expecting. Who the hell was that? Was it Jake’s brother? Poor Charlie, 2 bullets to the chest, no way she could survive that in the real world . If only there were an amazing surgeon-pediatrician-MD-psychiatrist-nurse-ambo around to perform a life saving operation. Unfortunately for Charlie, the only one of those is banged up for bashing Stew.

Ever since Nicole left town, there’s been an absence of promiscuity. Maybe April is auditioning for the new Nicole. She’s following in a long line of good girls gone bad stretching back to Selina via Martha and Nicole along the way. April was going to do her best to take it to the next level and it didn’t matter who it was with, even her sister’s ex. She and Heath went straight from level zero to all the way. She was thrilled when she woke up next to him the following morning. Seeing him hop out the window made me nostalgic for the glory days of Belle and Aden. Bianca is going to flip when she finds out, that would be a mighty bombshell to blow up on her wedding day.

Mink out, Sasha bashed

So Doctor Sid discovered that Mink has a disease (which I can’t spell), which means she can’t surf professionally anymore. Romeo very soundly offered to share his surf teaching business with her, but she left town. She’ll be back.

Stew/Stu chased Sasha down when she refused a lift from him. Later she turned up with some torso bruises. Please let Sid batter Stew soon.

Alf is gathering the troops and organising his campaign. A mighty sight.

The Virgin Slayer

Phew, Xavier got the V8 back from Stew. Sasha agreed to keep seeing him. Bad move, Sash, I’d start wearing a helmet if I were you.

April and Dex made a sexy plan but April had to stay home to look after Irene. Dex went to the party in the Surf Club anyway, where Xavier was dressed up as an extra from The Sound of Music. He was trying to lure a lady nicknamed The Virgin Slayer, who prefers the more experienced gentleman. However, she was more interested in Dex, and laid a smacker on him, just as April joined the party. Le sigh.