Beauty in the Bay

I don’t know who this creepy blonde lad is, but I do know he needs to improve his makeup removal technique, he’s dragging the skin something shocking here.


Stellar Stalking

Jamie is really devoting himself full-time to the oul’ stalking. Despite the fact that Leah, Liam, Natalie, Brax and Adam are wise to him, as well as the fact that his da gave him a good whack to warn him off, Jamie persisted by calling to Leah’s house and watching her sleep on the couch.

April cracked Bianca’s cool exterior and got her to give into her grief. Hopefully her taste in fellas will improve now.

Tamara went mental when she saw Kyle, and doesn’t want to help Casey anymore. Brax found out she’s on the missing persons’ list, and promised to help her if she took the stand.

Do you reckon that in 30 years, Brax will be the Alf of the Bay? I can foresee him doling out pearls of wisdom, while the odd Sheila-from-his-past shows up.