Tattoo tales

Heath got a grenade on his neck because he liked blowing stuff up as a child. That’s amazing. Celia is unimpressed with his body art and doesn’t think Bianca should be going out with him. She decided to stick her nose in and tell them how to live their lives, I’m surprised he didn’t stitch her a head butt, instead it made him pluck up the courage to propose to Bianca.

Jett is still having bullying issues with Tilda. Gina got Sasha to talk to the boy but he feels he deserves the bullying for his past ways, low self esteem issues.

Sasha’s mate Rosie is getting very clingy, in a stalker way. She’s possessive and jealous, I can’t see that friendship ending well. She bought Sasha a friendship bracelet, which reminded me of Joey’s “bestest buds” bracelets in Friends.

Roo and Harvey are vying for supremacy with Spencer’s dad. He is trying to control his son’s life but the kids are having none of it. Roo and Harvey are taking them in so they can stay in the Bay and start new lives in the caravan park. Spencer told his Da to shove it, and he slinked off with a massive puss on his face. Serves him right, the tool.

Maddie and Spencer redux

Maddie and Spencer are back in town. He arrived first, and Roo sent him packing in search of his true love. His true love, however, showed up 15 minutes later, so there was a dramatic “stop the bus!” moment. Spencer’s dad then showed up at the caravan park to demand his son’s return. Best of luck with that, daddio.

Tilda is being an awful dickhead to poor oul’ Jett. She gave him another dig in the stomach, but this time John Palmer showed up. Hopefully she will get her comeuppance now.

Dex and April broke up again. She is heading off to college, so that’s probably the last we’ll see of her.