Comings and goings

What would the story-writers do without a Braxton brother bust-up? Casey is still annoyed with Brax for getting Ricky to move in. Brax organised a gym session with Casey and got some face time in with him, much to his bro’s chagrin.

Everybody bar Brax seems to think Casey is coping ok with his new living arrangements. Little do they know, he’s secretly sitting at home in his van, drinking bourbon and listening to old phone messages from Tamara. The Braxtons all do a good line in narcissistic self-destruction.

Rosie is heading off. She wants to try and make sure all her mates are getting on when she goes. They staged a pally show for Rosie. They’re all going to miss her but they’ll have their hands full with their rowing. Sasha wants to bury the hatchet with Maddy but she has no interest. She’s got the hump because Spencer slept with Sasha and would never “go there” with her. She has copped onto the fact that they aren’t getting back together, should this not have been obvious a few months back? It’s interesting that “going there” is the new sex euphemism, nobody says “take it to the next level” now.

Time goes by pretty quick down Summer Bay way. For an example look no further than the return of Sally with little baby Pippa, all grown up. Is Sally back for good? Will she demote Bianca and take over running the school? Who could be lined up for a love interest for her? John Palmer, Sid and Casey are all single.

The wrong person is leaving

It’s hard to get back into the swing of watching H&A every day; in the interim I’d forgotten that Rosie was pregnant, and Maddie was mental.

Handily, Rosie is leaving the Bay. The wardrobe department didn’t even have to worry about pregnancy outfits for her, and the props department didn’t have to root out a baby doll. Her dad is interested in her now, and she is happy to go off and live with him. Is this the same man who left her living alone, with only fish for company?

Maddie warned Sasha that Spencer won’t ever sleep with her.  I wouldn’t be so sure. He’s not gay (as Rosie affirmed), and Sasha is a laugh, as opposed to a moany moany whiner. Sounds like a good match to me.

John Palmer is broke. So broke, that he doesn’t even have a tenner. He’s hiding it from Jett, but won’t take money from Marilyn. Sure, she’s loaded with her triple income from hairdressing, waitressing in the diner, and the odd tarot reading. Hilariously, it was Gina’s funeral that bankrupted John. It must have been some send-off.

Sid is heading off to be a Flying Doctor. I am not impressed. He is a laugh and handy with a scalpel. Indi, Dex and Sasha are sticking around. This could all end in disaster.

Tamara is staying. Argh. She wants to stay with Kyle. Her parents should have taken them both.

In real life, apparently Sally and Leah were on This Morning this morning – did you see them?

Adam’s ultimatum

Ads decided it was time he moved his plan forward, revealing his non dead status to Brax and the boys. He even went to jail to visit and threatened his girlfriend’s life if Brax didn’t cooperate. Heath is up to 90 with worry about Bianca, but he’s the one who figured out that Ricky is involved as Brax wasn’t having any of it. Brax went to jail and Casey lost it when Brax revealed that Tamara was indeed kidnapped. He’s worried Adam will kill her. Brax left jail and his old mate Adam got him on the blower to give him some good news. He’s decided to free one of his hostages but Brax has to decide who, his own girlfriend or Casey’s. Tough choice, I’d tell him to keep them both.

Bianca has her own worries with Rosie. Her foster Ma doesn’t know what to do now that Rosie is pregnant. She calmed down and decided that it would be best if Rosie moved out and got somewhere else to live, with people who have more expertise, but then had a change of heart after a baby scan at the hospital.

Jett is doing his best to get John and Marilyn back mates again. He told her that she had fallen over and hurt her head. His plan worked and John and Marilyn buried d’auld hatchet.

Change of Life

Well, John is annoyed with Marilyn, so she asked Harvey to talk to him to see if he was coping ok, so Harvey told him that Roo is going through the menopause. Which she isn’t. John told Roo, who was not impressed. All these hurt feelings are causing awful confusion.

Holly is still cracking on to Zach. Very strange. Why would she be bothered? Anyway, he has told Nat, who advised him to tell Bianca. He won’t and then Holly will accuse him of molestation and then where will we all be? Hah?

Rosie hasn’t told her foster parents she’s up the duff. Has anyone told Mullins? Is he going to jail or anything, like? Or is it all ok once he has left town, like Ruby?

Heath and Brax now know that the joint Casey has allegedly robbed belongs to Adam. This is only confusing them further. Bianca got cross with Heath so he went home, instead of fending off crims. Will she be kidnap victim number 3?