What is Hugo at?

Martha is pining after BangBang/BumBum and Hugo is really pushing the “he needs to be with his own people” angle. What’s he at? Maybe HIS INDONESIAN WIFE who just showed up at his and Martha’s house can explain.

Gina is very annoyed with JPIII ever since he fired Romeo. That’ll cool his heels alright, but it’s nothing a surf and a drink won’t fix.

Geoff and Ruby have had their first tiff; he’s being over-protective and she is a big girl who can look after herself. Luckily Uncle Tony was on hand to dole out the only level-headed advice in all of Summer Bay to Geoff. Plus Rachel had a chat to Ruby. The Holden-Armstrongs should open a counselling centre. Dan who?


Wow, that was really mean of Kirsty to run off on Miles like that. I hope she is gone for good, the moany cahhhhh.

Uh-oh Romeo was drugged. Liam’s mate is a bit of a dickhead ain’t he?

Flippin’ heck they all went to Japan!

Irene and all!  How will I cope now Annie is gone?  How will Romeo cope?  Why was Colleen bawling if they’re only going for six months?

So many questions.

Also, why didn’t Nicole set the alarm herself.  Liam is hardly the most trustworthy.

At least Leah didn’t make Kirsty sick.  The diner would have gone to rack and ruin if she had.


Martha plumbed new depths yesterday. When Romeo sloped up to her out of the surf and tried to chat her up, she cleverly observed, “you’re not from this town, are you?” How observant.

So Romeo doesn’t appear to fussy. First he tries it on with Martha and then switches his attention to Annie.  What age is he supposed to be? I would have thought there’s about 10 years between Martha and Annie.  Jai is going to have a mickey fit when he finds out his foster brother is cracking onto his ex.

On a more general note, I must admit that I prefer happy go lucky Martha to mopey Martha.  She never ceases to amaze me with her lack of brain power.  How can she be related to Morag?  Chalk and cheese.