Winston the Conqueror

Winston’s off, with his best mate, Banger. Banger wasn’t that mad on Winston until recently. Ah well, I suppose if you can go on holiday at the drop of a hat, you can change your mind quickly too.

Imagine the adventures those boys will have…hanging out on the deck of a cruise ship…dressed in their onesies.

Winston told Alf to look after the Blaxland. He’ll never be rid of that yoke.

Spence went to hospital where it emerged that he hasn’t been taking his medication. He got a bit down, but April talked him round and he went to Sasha for support. That’s that then.

A new doll rocked into the Diner saying she was Chris’s girlfriend. Indi will have something to say about that.


Living in the now

Dexter has gone to flying doctors training for a few days, leaving the Walker sisters at home to talk about Indi and Chris. He wants a serious relationship with Indigo but she’s not sure. Sasha thinks she should steer clear. Then herself and Spencer recruited Chris to help them break into Bianca’s office and remove the wedding bunting they had put up. It took them ages to clean it up and they ended up scrapping over Chris and Indi. Sort it out lads, it’s getting boring.

Sally is worried about Pippa 2 so Roo took her to the gym. I don’t know how Roo manages to go to the gym, it’s hard to do exercise when you’re wearing a massive dress. They gave Indi some love advice while they were there. Roo gave Sally the low-down on Romeo while they were there, been a while since anybody mentioned him. Is he dead yet? Nobody seems to know. Indi made her mind up after the chat and decided that she’s going to give it a proper go with Chris.

John is going ahead with his bus tour business. Harvey wants a job but there isn’t enough work for that yet. He could be on the dole for a while yet.

Summer Bay Commune is a go!

So, Sally needed to sell the caravan park to raise funds to cure Pippa in America. Alf tasked his housemates with selling the joint. They had some mad ideas. Roo was launching a marketing campaign, Harvey suggested some “creative accounting” and Marilyn was trying to flog it down the diner. It seems like none of them have ever heard of an estate agent.

The gang gave their hare-brained scheme a half-day to work, then decided they’d buy the gaff themselves. Now, what bank gave them a mortgage? Alf is retirement age, Marilyn is half-waitress, half-hairdresser, and it seems that Roo and Harvey don’t have jobs. Strewth. Anyway, Sally is delighted, she’ll be out of there like a shot now.

Heath and Bianca are mates again, but Zac now fancies Bianca. This does not bode well. Also, since when is Zac a personal trainer? Did I miss that development?

Brax and Ricky got the glad rags on for their day in court. Brax threw a spanner in the legal works by refusing to testify against Ricky. Will he go to jail now too?

Maddie gave Sasha her blessing to go for it with Spencer. Zzzzzzz. That’s two episodes in a row now that Maddie has cried.


Tea bags and tofu

“I don’t want to marry you” was how April greeted Dexter’s pending proposal. She loves him too much to get married apparently. What’s the rush anyway, is what Indi and Sid were asking him, sure they have loads of time before the need to settle down.

Indi wishes she hadn’t gotten married to Romeo so young. She says it put extra pressure on their relationship and cost them a year, when they broke up, and she’d do anything to have that time back again. He’s still alive and out there now, I wonder if he’ll make a reappearance before he snuffs it? Maybe he’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the beach, riding phantom waves every morning.

Marilyn is moving out of John’s after Roo and Harvs staged an intervention. They told her that she was getting too close to John, again. There is no reason for her to still be living there, given that his back is better now. She moved back into the Caravan Park so they had better stock up on tea bags and tofu.

Casey is on the jar because Tamara left him. He should head off to Sid’s ditch and drink himself into next week, or head to Angelo’s and drink five shots like Brax did when Charlie died.