Moping and moaning

Maddy got into a row with Roo over Josh. The cops, namely a baldy cop called John, came looking for Maddy about the fire in the Mangrove River school, she doesn’t have an alibi. Roo doesn’t want Maddy to see Josh anymore so she went to see him in hospital and told him to steer clear. He took her advice and broke up with Maddy when she came to visit. Maddy isn’t very lucky in love, I’d say we’re in for another protracted period of moping and moaning.

Chris and Indi got rid of Robyn the psycho, she left town on the bus. They were very forgiving and aw her off with a “no hard feelings” goodbye. I think they were too easy on her. Indi is still a bit sad about Romeo, which is to be expected.

Jett gave John grief for not moving on with his life and telling Marilyn how he feels. John eventually got up the courage and said it to Marilyn, about effin time lads. Jett himself is doing it tough since Nina left town. Maybe he’ll fall for one of the new troubled teens from Mangrove River.

Ooh, lights!

People are very impressed by electricity in Summer Bay; fairy lights have long been a popular seduction tool. Tamara upped the ante and threw in a few baubles, and Casey was blown away. Cue romance!

Bianca met the Mangrove River head teacher, who presumed she’d be principal in Summer Bay too. She also taught Heath when he was a pup, and thinks he’s a total dope. Not very teacherly. Heath is hitting the books in an effort to prove her wrong.

Nina dumped Jett. It turned out her parents are sending her to boarding school so she doesn’t have to mix with the Mangrove River brats

Every time Casey and Tamara kiss, Kyle just *coincidentally* happens to be there. Robyn advised him to use a sob story to impress Tamara, just like she did with Chris. She told him her dad died. What a mega wagon. Kyle ratted her out straight away though. Indi was raging.

Day in court

Brax is up on murder charges so the Braxtons are getting scrubbed up to give him support. This courtroom is fairly lax, Cheryl and Josh’s mother shouted out their views during the hearing. Cheryl is happy to see that Casey and Tamara are back together as it means that she’s not with Kyle anymore. The Judge told them to come back for sentencing tomorrow but it doesn’t sound good given Brax has admitted to murder. Ricky and Cheryl are butting heads over who is the Braxton queen. Unbeknownst to them both, Josh’s bother is hanging around the bay with a gun, looking very mean. I’d say he means business.

The widow Walker is struggling to cope now that her hubby passed away. She’s in denial according to Dex and needs help with the gym. He failed to complete her class on the beach. Unfortunately for Indigo, Robyn was there too, poking her nose in and then called into the gym afterwards. She told Indi what she thought of her and got a slap in the face for her troubles.  Indi is struggling to cope; where is Dr. Sid now when his daughter needs her?

Chris is getting it from all angles. Indi told him to keep his distance then Irene told him to go after her and console her. After that Robyn turned up and gave him a serve for his cowardly ways, not even telling her it was over between them. He went to the farm and talked to Indigo where she said she feels guilt over cheating on Romeo with Chris. How come she didn’t think of this months ago?

Fly in the ointment

Everything is going well between Indigo and Chris, so in typical Summer Bay style, his ex, Robyn, turned up.  Chris thought they were broken up but she thinks they are still going strong.  He needs to let her down gently so that he get back to Indi, in her head, they had something special, but it was only a 3 day fling to him.  But he couldn’t summon up the courage to tell her the truth about Indi and gave Robyn a hug, which Indi oversaw.  He’s in trouble now.

Zac and Ricky are trying to get through to Evelyn in the bush.  It’s the twins birthday but a childhood memory wasn’t the way she remembered and it turns out that Zac wasn’t the monster she thought he was.  She decided to leave her father with the cult and stay with Hannah and her bro.

Leah is having a hard time keeping the truth about Oscar and Hannah being runaways from the cult.  VJ is happy that he has somebody to beat in his video games.  One of the creepy cult members showed up in the Bay looking for Zac.  Unfortunately VJ let slip that they’re living in his house so he called over and isn’t leaving until the twins return, then he’s going to take them back to their Dad.