Crook or not?

Inquiring minds in Summer Bay want to know; did Miles and Elijah go to the same African barber?  They both have new dos.

Poor old Veej is having a hard time understanding why Elijah married someone else. I’m having a hard time understanding why Leah didn’t say “Look, yer wan Grace needed a visa so she could get treatment for her sick son”.

The River Boys – crook or not? I can’t decide. They haven’t really done anything yet, and one of them really fancies Colleen. In any case, both Angelo and Charlie are about to join their merry gang of surfies.

Simple kid

What’s up with April? She decided to break up with Xavier despite that fact that Gina gave them the all clear to continue their relationship. I think she only did it because she felt guilty over nearly killing him.

Poor Xav didn’t know if he was coming or going.  He’s not the sharpest tool in the box and went surfing in a rage. Unfortunately, he managed to anger the river boys who were also down the beach.  It nearly turned into a row but lifeguard Romeo was on hand to calm things down. But while he was preoccupied with stopping WWIII, little VJ ended up half drowned.  Xavier and Romeo will never forgive themselves if he doesn’t pull through.