First things first, Rhys is in Raw?

Eh…is that Rhys Sutherland in the ads for RTE’s Raw? How did that come about? Is he Aussie (Aussie Aussie) in the show? Is he very very angry in the show? What mad twist of fate is this? And will all of his Summer Bay buds be coming over to visit him?

rhys sutherland rte


That has just blown my mind.

Right, anyway, in today’s episode…Sid’s grand after his minor bashing, Casey and Sasha are love’s young dream, and Tamara the real person showed up. She hit Casey a box for having another woman on the go. Feisty.

The whole Kyle aspect of the Casey storyline is very confusing to me. Why did Kyle go to the Bay with The Boize? Why is he helping them? Isn’t he worried he’ll be done for attempted murder?

Dave Townsend

Firstly, Home and Away is back on RTE TWO. Yippee-ki-ay!

Secondly, what about this Dave Townsend character? Swanning into town (I presume), and instantly swiping the Dickhead crown. He’s harangued Casey and threatened Gina. I personally would love to see him get a River-Boys-style beating.

Hayley is still hanging around the Bay, and back on the junk. So Liam is going to help her go cold turkey. Not sure that’s the best idea. In our house, we think Hayley is headed for an early grave.

Dexter and Lottie are the cutest pair since Tasha and Robbie. Should we call them Dottie or

And no mention of the most burning issue in the Bay – WHAT ABOUT COLLEEN’S JUGS?


There’s a new little brat in town. He stole a wallet on the beach, gave John jip, nicked Veej’s shirt, and punched him. Best of all, I think his name is Jet? Who’ll adopt him, do you think?

Harvey is v annoyed that Roo knows about Dead Ben. Cop on, Harve.

Dex told April to sling her hook, and that he liked her better when she was less sly. Those River Boys have been the ruination of many a woman. Rogaine 2%

Karaoke night

In a strange move, the River Boys and the Rockstar held a karaoke night at Angelo’s. Every good singer in the cast did a number. Colleen sang too, but the show went to a break! I bet she sang “Gravel Pit”. One two, one two!

Bianca told April about the pregnancy, April told Heath, Heath asked Bianca if it was his. How pregnant is Bianca? I hope Sid does his inspection soon so we can find out.

SERGEANT Watson is after Xavier and Dexter for the Stu murder. Sasha is looking very worried.