Boxing brothers

Romeo and Indi had their last hurrah by the lighthouse before he told her about his condition. She said she’s ready to have children with him, bad timing as he’s dying. He wrote her a letter and left it by her side as she slept. Brave move dude.

Heath and Bianca had their engagement party in Angelo’s. It was a classy affair, all of the River Boys put on their fancy cloths. Tamara wore a dress for the first time, thanks to April’s help. Adam’s sister Ricky showed up and Brax did a good bit of flirting with her. That was all going fine until Natalie showed up. Kyle got a bit jealous when looking at Casey and Tamara pashing. Then Cheryl showed up to cause havoc but she liked Tamara, surprisingly. Bianca on the other hand, she hates. Kyle got locked and faced off with Casey, who knocked him out after Ma Braxton told everybody that he has the hots for Tamara.

Liam turned up to say goodbye to the bay, forever. He’s off to spend more time with his son. He had to go really, there were no more employment options left for him in the Bay, he’s tried teacher, rock star, barman, restaurateur, he’s just on the dole now, so he may as well cruise off. Farewell rock star, again, I thought he was gone two weeks ago but this time it’s for real.