Wake up call

The wedding afters were mighty crack.  There was dancing aplenty and great decorations in Angelo’s.  That venue can be turned to any occasion.

Leah was dying to get stuck into some work and stress in Angelo’s. Maybe Brax needed help moving the salad bowl around the kitchen. She has a thing for Brax by the looks of it. eanwhile, Elijah professed his love for Leah but was rejected like a massive reject.

Brax came up with a great money making scheme to pay Leah back, start doing some cage fighting against the mighty Sully. Heath came up with a master plan, get Sensai Elijah in as trainer. Brax is like one of the TMNT and Elijah is Splinter. This is like when Ric got roped into doing the underground boxing.

April ditched out of her sister’s wedding to go and see Heath. Bianca wasn’t impressed but let her off. Much to April’s chagrin, Heath wasn’t alone in the gaff, Henri was there with a six pack.  Cue April getting all possessive and clingy. What is she at? Surely it’s clear that’s not how Heath rolls, he won’t be tied down to one woman.

Lady vengeance

Leah is becoming the Bay’s own Karate Kid with her martial arts classes.  Rev Elijah is teaching her some nifty moves and her confidence has returned.  She’ll be dealing out bashings left right and centre in no time.  I predict that she’ll enter the illegal fight club that Ric got messed up in and kick ass.  After that she’ll claim the Ultimate Fighting Champion crown.  The racist hoons who smashed up the Diner will want to watch themselves when Leah gets on their case.

How come nobody bar Geoff has seen any of them since the riot?  You’d think they’d be easily recognised in a small town like SB. Yet again YCPD are doing sterling work in tracking down those involved and bringing them to justice.  Angelo and Charlie are busier breaking up/making up than solving crimes.  Worst police force ever.

Knickers Monica

Ok, so we have fallen a fair bit behind with the old Home and Away.  Holiers’ll do that for ya.  However, we are slowly but surely catching up.

Today we saw Kirsty in her pelt.  Well, she was wearing underwear.
Miles’ reaction was amazing though.  The scenes when he was imagining her half-dressed were gas.
Sure there are always young ones running around Summer Bay in bikinis.  He must have a terrible time controlling himself.

Kirsty was horrified, oh, about ten episodes back, when Ric kissed her.  I believe "I’m a married woman!" was the phrase roared with piety.  She seems to have forgotten the oul’ marriage vows now.  Oh yes, she has the glad eye for the young Miles and no mistake.

I hate to say it, but are they going to keep Martha in the Bay after a double mastectomy?  It’d be a first if they did.  You barely get away with a birthmark in those parts.

Jack yet again displays his terrible cop skills – abusing his position by picking on Roman.  How he’s holding that job down I have no idea.

It’s about time Rachel got a stalker.  She’s pretty awesome.


“Questionable hairstyle” was what Mathilda’s Uni room mate said when she saw the photo of Ric. Not half.