Uh-oh, Daria’s about to spill the beans. She knows a bit too much and RR will get it out of her.

Uh-oh, April said Rene was an oul’ fella and he’s not. Uh-oh, they are hatching some evil green plot.

Rene Lisle

What was all that about? Will brought Morag out to a dark wood, took her phone, told her Alf didn’t kill Penn, and then drove off. It’s a brave/stupid man who abandons Justice Bellingham to the elements.

So, what’s going on? Who killed Penn? Who is Will covering for? Sure he doesn’t know anyone in the Bay apart from Irene…maybe Irene did it!

April is back from “Europe” and something is amiss. She doesn’t care that Xavier was kissing another girl, and she’s getting emails from someone called René Lisle. It’d be better if she were getting emails from René “Ménage” Artois.

Sid and Marilyn are gonna adopt Nicole’s baby. Well, Sid wants a different child, but we all know Marilyn will out. How will they like it, though, when Nicole keeps the chisler all to herself as inevitably happens in moralistic Summer Bay?