Awwww friends

So, Romeo and Indigo are an item. Romeo did a load of messing in that episode; I think he’s scared to take things to “the next level”. Did he ever reach that level with Annie? Surely not.

If you lived in Summer Bay, who would you ask for romantic advice? That’s right, Alf and Miles. Two bachelors who live together. Anyway Alf reassured Romeo that it’s ok to be romantic with your best friend. He even admitted Ailsa was his. Awwww. Even if she was a bit of a drip.

Rachel is trying to scare Tony into going to Boston; she left her flight confirmation lying about the house. Sly one Doc.

Up to date

After a brief sabbatical, we’ve returned from holidays.  It seems that the bay has been busy in our absence.  From what I can gather, the main talking points of the last week are:

  • Ruby got hammered and threw herself at Liam before puking in his toilet. Despite that, he rejected her advances.
  • Bianca scrapped with Palmer and got herself and April kicked out. Never one to turn away a stray, Irene took them in on a whim.
  • Leah is a bit mopey because Elijah is gone. Maybe she needs to take up another martial art, that worked the last time she got depressed.
  • Angelo is working himself into the ground. In fairness to him, the new restaurant looks great. I’d love to call in for a plate of tapas or two.
  • Tony hit the roof because Rachel decided to go to America without his approval. He does have a point there.

Did I miss anything?

What happened?

We were away – did Rachel leave?  What about Tony and Harry?  Arrrrrgggh.

World class acting

Well, the last scene of that episode was fairly painful.   Elijah nearly leapt for joy when he heard of a disaster overseas.  His holy instincts are to go and help the needy, but what about Leah?  Ah, sod her.

Dr. Shane Given came to town to tempt Rachel away to a life of doctoring in the US of A.  Apparently Rachel switched specialties from psychology to surgery.  A big leap, one might say.