I presume ye all have done this…?

Lads, I only got ten out of fifteen…

The hardest Home and Away quiz ever via the Daily Edge

Home and Away quiz

Lads, ye should do this quiz.  It’s deadly.  This is my result; I didn’t know Melody was a victim of voodoo!

“Melody from my perspective is a little weird!!! she just cant get over her ex boyfriend Geoff (who is to good for her anyway) being with someone else!! her hair is long and straight and is an A student at school. She is currently single because she is too ugly to have a boyfriend. she left her family becaus they were doing some voodoo thing to her. also she has random mood swings.”

So, my answers show that I am too ugly to have a boyfriend.  Bummer.

Finally, watch out, because “random mood swings” can land you in a mental institution.