Brax is back

Brax is back, without a cailĂ­n on his arm. Luckily, he returned before Heath destroyed Angelo’s. Order will soon be restored.

Brax was away long enough for Natalie to decide to move on. He didn’t talk to her in his first four hours in the Bay, so she’s kissing the lad that works in the prison. Swift.

Celia’s fella, Sheldon, showed up and tried to persuade her to get back on the gambling circuit, so she sent him packing. Alf is relieved.

Romeo and Indi are taking over the gym, with Sid’s backing. Hopefully Romeo can put his apparently amazing sales skills to use and get some customers in.

Jamie showed up in Casey’s jail, which seems a bit too low-security for him. The really simple-looking fella who hates Casey is trying to get Jamie onside. It’s just like Prisoner Cell Block H, but without the laundry.

Check out the Braxtons in TV Now. Steve Peacocke’s tagline is mega lame: “I have a beautiful girlfriend”. Oh, well done Steve.

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Celia’s a klepto-gamblo

Celia is a smart one: nicking money, blowing it on the pokies, making a fortune and returning the cash. She bought everyone presents, and now Alfred is most suspicious.

Romeo is wise to Jett’s love for Indi. Jett is quite the crafty beau, he smeared lipstick on Romeo’s collar in the hopes of causing a marital rift.

Casey is going to be Top Dog in that prison any minute now; he flushed yer man’s gear and then went all intense around the eyes. CASEYSTAREPOWER!

As there’s a prison storyline, I feel the need to include this:


Aww poor Casey, the best of the Braxtons, is off to Juvie for the grand total of…30 days! As we know, 30 days is a long time in the Bay. Xavier will probably have suffered four more injuries when Casey’s released. Ruby will definitely have met a new beau. Charlie will be back from wherever she is. Irene will be wearing makeup again. In short, the face of Summer Bay will have changed forever.

How will Casey cope with being an ex-con? I reckon he’ll be hardened up on the Inside, and once released, will have no interest in study or the HSC. He’ll probably fight off Ruby’s probable posse of suitors and pimp her out. Hopefully he’ll fix her hair too.

Casey, this one’s for you.