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  • The Boize: Private Detective Agency

    That episode was way more crack. Firstly, Casey is in a remand centre as a result of being arrested for armed robbery. Brax came to visit and give out about Casey giving a statement without their lawyer there. Neither of them know their lawyer’s name. Brax also assured Casey that The Boize are on the…

  • So, Sasha told Casey she’s pregnant

    So, Sasha told Casey she’s pregnant

  • Bubblin’ hot hot hot

    So it looks like Nicole might be on the bubble, up the pole and in the family way.  Good.  It’s ages since we had a decent teenage pregnancy scandal.  What will Holy Geoff do though?  Surely he’ll have to flagellate himself? Why is Kirsty helping Kane out?  And why does he need 5K in prison? …

  • She won’t like that

    Poor Martha, she’s on the bubble and doesn’t know who the father is. I’m only surprised this hasn’t happened to her before.