New Pippa screwed us up

…according to Waterford Whispers news. In fairness, it was a traumatic event for a lot of us.


A few people in Summer Bay seem to have had extreme changes of mind lately:

Jett: Marilyn should stay away from John / I’ll help John woo Marilyn.
John: I’m not interested in Marilyn / I’m very interested in Marilyn.
Alf: I am a stoic man / I am an emotional wreck / I am stoic again.

I can’t keep up.

In other news, town party planner Roo threw a very cute going-away party for Pippa Jr. That wee one is a super actor. Aww. She and Sally are off to the States for treatment on Brax’s dollar, but they swear they’ll be back.

IN CULT NEWS: The boss man is called Murray. Oscar wants out. Evelyn loves the cult.

Cult ag teacht

YESSSS there’s a new cult in town; Zac’s sister (is she?) showed up and pleaded with him to help her rescue some other family members*. DEADLY.

In other news, wee Pip nearly got a tear out of me when she was talking about Summer Bay being her home. Pity she’s a goner.



* I was half-watching, half-playing Plants vs Zombies, so I can’t be sure.

I miss Flynn, sez Sally

Flynn Saunders, double trouble
Photo from the wonderful

Which one, sez I? Do you think she has a composite in her head when she thinks of her erstwhile husband?

Winston came good with the money, the Blaxland has been sold, and Sally and Pip are heading for America, where the streets are paved with miracle cures. Alf warned young Fletcher against getting her hopes up too high.

Sasha is utterly disgusted at the obvious attraction between Chris and Indi. He is clearly a bleedin’ dope, but the horse and carriage was a nice touch.

Jett is acting the boyo with Marilyn and John, being a proper moody teen and slagging off their bus tour. He’s going to tell John that Marilyn lurves him any second now.