Poor Marilyn!

Poor, poor Marilyn; Nicole wants her baby back. She came to this conclusion after Penn’s great-grandfather showed up and praised her mammying skills. Random. Marilyn was naturally absolutely devastated, but Sid just looked mildly irritated. He was probably thinking, “that’s grand, I can run off with Roo now”.

I love how Angelo is all on board for taking on George. Has he ever even held him? Never mind that he’s only with Nicole three weeks.

The Braxeses are in trouble now. Angelo set up a state-of-the-art CCTV system in his struggling restaurant. Now he knows that they set him up to be attacked, and that Charlie and Brax are an item. Charlie broke up with Brax over it, so he might go off the rails and start smashing stuff/people.

High drama!

STD Tree

Help us solve this mystery, where did the chlamydia originate? Have we left someone out?

Edit: it doesn’t matter, Ruby doesn’t have chlamydia, so the buck stops with Emily.

STD tree 6

Caught rapih’

Ah Xavier, you fool. Getting caught in class by your athlete girlfriend, while she’s giving a motivational talk. Scarleh for ya.

Here’s Miranda’s facebook page. Here’s Gina’s! Xavier’s hobbies include driving.

Why is Marilyn being so so mental? She’s so jealous of Roo’s connection to Nicole, and especially to smooth-talking Doctor Sid. I thought he was going to spring an indecent proposal on Roo in that episode.

I think Nicole is having a Summer Bay time-warp preganncy. When did Penn kick the bucket?


Nicole found the only fella in all of Australia who wouldn’t mind her being knocked up by a dead psycho; that’s pretty good going.  The whole experience has reminded her that she’s so much more than a gestational carrier.  Marilyn’s none too impressed though.

Brax set Angelo up by creating a fake drug deal.  Angelo rang Charlie, who was on it quicker than lightning (why did they break up?).  Now Brax knows where he stands with ex-Officer Risotto.

Angelo must be lacking in the restaurant management department.  First he was taking money from Penn, now Brax. Has he ever turned a profit?

Dr. Sid assisted in Thabo heart operation.  Come on, Sid, Rachel would have done that single-handedly and with her eyes closed.