Gone till September

That was a genuinely good episode. It had two storylines – the Locked Casey one, and the Demented Bianca one. Holy heart attack Batman, but that Lisa Gormley one can act.

Casey went on the rubber with his da, slept on the beach, and was discovered by Sasha and Natalie. They promptly took him to Sid’s “farm” for some tough love. He and Sasha are mates again, but he gave Natalie a stern talking-to, the gist of which was “you don’t know me!”.

Bianca escaped the hospital and sought solace with Liam, thinking she was still in love with him. Dr. Sid and Heath came to the rescue and tranquillised her, before bringing her back to hospital. She’s still denying that her baby is alive. Quite distressing really.

But not as distressing as the news that Home and Away is off the Irish airwaves till September. Arghhhhhhhhh!

Also, why was Dex wearing a waistcoat with a t-shirt?