Yes! A murder mystery!

Stu the Sasha Basha is dead. He hasn’t been seen since trying to get Sasha into his car. Shortly afterwards, she came home crying. Curious…

Of course angry doc Sid Walker is a suspect, having done some pre-death bashing of Stewart. Imagine if Rhys came back, and he and Sid formed an Angry Dads Alliance. The River Boys would be shaking in their boots.

Development Denis is in trouble as he moved Stu’s body from the resort to the caravan park. What an amazingly stupid (and sly) thing to do.

The paparazzi, sorry, I mean ONE paparazzo, is after Liam and Bianca. That’s pretty odd as Liam has been off the celebrity circuit for ages. Bianca is worried how this will affect the wedding, which, in true SB-time-warp-style, is tomorrow.

Yahoo – new whodunnit storyline!

We haven’t had one of these for a while, not since the days of Angie.  Prior to that, "Who killed Josh?" was the question on the lips of every Summer Bay resident.

It goes like this:

  • loads of people have contact with the deceased in the hours before s/he dies
  • everyone is cross-examined like Billy-o by the SBPD aka Lara Fitzy and the fat Sarge
  • a few incriminating facts are revealed in the process, just before
  • the culprit comes clean or is revealed in a most dramatic fashion

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