Change of Life

Well, John is annoyed with Marilyn, so she asked Harvey to talk to him to see if he was coping ok, so Harvey told him that Roo is going through the menopause. Which she isn’t. John told Roo, who was not impressed. All these hurt feelings are causing awful confusion.

Holly is still cracking on to Zach. Very strange. Why would she be bothered? Anyway, he has told Nat, who advised him to tell Bianca. He won’t and then Holly will accuse him of molestation and then where will we all be? Hah?

Rosie hasn’t told her foster parents she’s up the duff. Has anyone told Mullins? Is he going to jail or anything, like? Or is it all ok once he has left town, like Ruby?

Heath and Brax now know that the joint Casey has allegedly robbed belongs to Adam. This is only confusing them further. Bianca got cross with Heath so he went home, instead of fending off crims. Will she be kidnap victim number 3?

Not the Incredible Hulk

Ricky and Brax were in the diner when when Natalie and Zac arrived in and it was all a bit awkward. Brax and Nat are definitely getting back together at some stage but he’s having fun with Ricky at the moment. They slept together again but she’s keeping it very casual for now.

Heath is making progress in his counselling and apologised to Connie which means he can see Darcy again. Bianca met Ricky and thought she and Brax were perfect for each other, don’t know how she made her mind up on that after a 30 second conversation. Bianca then decided to bake a cake as Darcy and Heath were coming over but it was a disaster. Is she ever going to move out of Irene’s house? Connie changed her mind about letting Heath see Darcy but he managed to keep his temper, he not the Hulk anymore.

Mullins is back at school and confronted Rosie and Sasha. Gina intervened and separated them but told Sasha to keep her distance from Mullins and not lose her temper. The cops showed up at school to talk to Rosie, Mullins is a free man as the cops didn’t believe Rosie’s story. He confronted the girls in the corridor again and Sasha bashed him in the mouth, so she’s suspended now.