Dex 4 Marilyn 4 eva

Marilyn was not impressed when she realised Alf and Miles had painted clothes onto Mr. Oddley.  However, a bunch of flowers from a “secret” admirer soon took her mind off her puppet pal.  Dexter is infatuated with her.  Those Walker men have good taste.

The Walker girl is not having much luck in the romance department.  Romeo informed her that he’s not ready for another relationship.  Maybe next week, Indy.

Stewart vs Oddley

Alf welcomed us back to the Bay after a lengthy break with a timely catchphrase, “stone the flamin’ crows”.  It’s like they never went away.

Things haven’t gotten any easier for Alf in the intervening period.  That pesky doll Mr. Oddley is still wrecking his buzz. Alf tried to kill him but he just wooden die.

The demonic dummy continues to make Alf’s life hell.  Marilyn is loving every minute of it but Alf is reaching the end of his tether.  I don’t think he’ll be able to take it much longer.  The Bay isn’t big enough for the both of them.  Mr. Stewart needs to get Mr. Oddley acquainted with dry rot or wood worm ASAP.

A creepy wooden demon who doesn’t deserve to see the light of day

Home and Away is returning into Chuckie Down Under. Mr. Oddley rose from the grave that Alf dug for him in the caravan park. Miles thinks someone is “having a lend of” him. That is one of my favourite phrases ever.

“Bon voyage you little mongrel” said Alf as he threw Mr. Oddley into Summer Bay’s deep waters. But the doll emerged through the magic of the washing machine, where Alf found him spinning.

Dr. Sid and Tony are best buds now because Sid stuck up for girl’s boxing in front of Rachel. Sid better watch out, she’s an annoying enemy to make.

Penn is robbing stuff from the caravan park and roundabouts and framing Colleen. What does he have against her?

Mr Oddley

What a mad episode.  Marilyn introduced her ventriloquist’s dummy, Mr. Oddley, to Alf, who had a flashback to when he was five and a puppet scared the bejaysus out of him.  Young Alf said “strike me roan” and ran into the arms of his father, who happened to be the mirror image of current Alf.  Also, Morag was a little ginger girl who was dressed as a witch – very subtle, Home and Away scriptwriters!

Angelo took a settlement outside of court and as a consequence, he’ll never work as a cop again.  He’ll just be Mr. Risotto from now on.  Serves him right anyway, for letting a known criminal escape.  To mark the occasion, he got locked, lit a bonfire on the beach, and burned his uniform.  He also burned his underwear for some reason.  Was he wearing police underwear?