Summer Bay Girls

The festival went well, didn’t it? Sure the romance was palpable, what with Maddie and Josh taking it to the next level, fairy lights and all, and John and Marilyn having an oul’ slow-dance in the beam of his headlights. Even Spencer ended up happy enough, his protectiveness abated by Josh sticking up for Maddie.

Oscar dance
Oscar absolutely loving it

Ricky has loads of visitors in hospital; Nate dropped his festival duties the second he heard she was there, and Heath and Bianca slept there overnight. That was particularly handy, as it gave Montgomery ample time to plant a bomb in Bianca’s laptop bag. At least, I think it was a bomb; it looked a bit like an answering machine. Will Bianca blow up the hospital?

Braxton baby

After Ricky fainted, her stalker Kyle called the doc, who confronted her and confirmed his suspicions – she’s pregnant. To make doubly sure, she did a pregnancy test in Nate’s presence, hygienically leaving it on the kitchen table while it developed. Kyle walked in just as she made the announcement, but she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Leah had a face-off with The Sniper, calling her a coward and a bully. Will she change her ways now?

Andy is a total weirdo; he asked Josh not to go to school so he could hang around with him all day.

Alf and Jett engineered a fancy lunch for John and Marilyn. Awwwwwww.

So many questions

Throughout that episode, I mostly asked questions. Like:

  • Where’s VJ?
  • Did Oscar really have that bad a first day at school?
  • How many people live in Leah’s? Seven apparently.
  • Why is Ricky still living in the Braxton house?
  • Who is in charge of Angelo’s? Surely not Kyle?
  • Is Montgomery the one who graffiti’d Bianca’s office?
  • How come Montgomery is allowed to treat students like dirt? No staff reviews there obviously.
  • Why did the doc allow Josh to stay at home?