Ritchie’s Return

We all know by now that Kate Ritchie, aka Sally, is coming back to the Bay. What I want to know is:

  • Will young Pippa come with her?
  • How is Cassie getting on with the oul HIV?
  • What age is Cassie’s baby?
  • Is Miles still deadly?
  • Is Miles still eating everything?

I bet if she tried really hard, she could bag herself a River Boy!


Q is for…

I’m grasping at straws here, and I’m trying not to use names in the alphabet, but all I can think of for Q is…Josh Quong Tart!

A fine actor who could portray an imaginary friend, a derro, or a respected schoolteacher, stuffing his face all the while.

Can you think of anything else?

D is for…

A Derro is what Miles was when he first turned up on the show, sleeping on the beach and rooting around in bins. We might call a Derro a down-and-out here.

What about damper? It’s something you eat.

Miles away

April has been shopping in Luscious lingerie and she also bought some rubber johnnies. Bianca is a bit freaked by the fact that her little sister might be taking things to the next level but Irene told her to take a chill pill. Bianca tried to convince April that her first time should be with someone she loves, while April just wants to get it over with anyone and Xavier will do. Bianca and Liam are heading to the city, but she managed to convince April to hold off on the deflowering for now.

Dex and Dallas are building a nice relationship, especially now that Dex found out herself and her son live in a car. Dex is a sucker for a girl in need, given that he has a heart of gold. He even organised a van for her in the caravan park, fair play. He’ll need her as an object for his affections once he finds out that April is about to take her love to town.

Miles and Elijah had another showdown. Miles is well pissed off with the Rev, but still shook his hand as they said their goodbyes. I’ll miss Miles, he’s been a good addition to the bay, Roo and Alf are going to take over the caravan park. Farewell Milco, Australia’s loss is Thailand’s gain.