25 years a-flamin’

Happy birthday to Home and Away! It’s 25 years today since it first aired. Back then, Alf was but a nipper, and Gawd hadn’t saved Ireland yet. Tell us what your favourite H&A moments are in the comments! My personal favourites are Saul’s cult (I said cult), and most recently, Sid in the ditch. Milco turning up was pretty good too.

In today’s episode, The Boize went to The City to fetch Kyle. They had to wear jackets for this. A serious operation requires serious clothing, or, at least, fewer vests. After some police action, and chats to Kyle’s mate, Brax and Heath got their man. Now, what will they do with him?

Bianca is a shambles. She fell asleep at work, then went straight to the next level with Adam, in order to ensure her gear supply doesn’t dry up.

Q is for…

I’m grasping at straws here, and I’m trying not to use names in the alphabet, but all I can think of for Q is…Josh Quong Tart!

A fine actor who could portray an imaginary friend, a derro, or a respected schoolteacher, stuffing his face all the while.

Can you think of anything else?

Living in a toilet

I think Felix is the first home and away character to live in a toilet; even Milco didn’t stoop that low. Luckily Veej (the stone-throwing brat) found him and brought him home. What kind of a thick is Sasha to leave her brother living there? She also cleared out the till in the Diner. Hurray, we have a new problem teen!

Xavier called a meeting in an effort to help Gina save the school. He’s fair dinkum, eh?

Junkie on the loose

Liam Murphy called around to Summer Bay High, looking like a vagrant. Even Milco didn’t look this bad. As if the students didn’t have enough to distract them, with Bianca’s low-cut teaching tops. Gina quickly turfed him out. Later, the youngsters saw him at the top of a cliff, looking a bit jump-y. Bianca reined him back in. I like how he refers to himself in the third person. Big old ocean, little Liam Murphy.

Sid was getting a bit sick of Marilyn and the younger Walkers thought daddy break-up number two was approaching. The doctor is a bit too fond of Roo, even Marilyn has spotted how close they were and asked her for relationship advice. They’re giving it another go though, yippee!

Gina found Liam playing guitar in a ditch. A far cry from the big stadium tours of old.