Good counsel

I LOVE Hospital Heath. He is always slagging off, and shouting at, the doctors. He’s incredulous at every decision they make, and every intervention they carry out. He should be the Ombudsman for Aussie hospitals.

Brax ran into Casey’s comely counsellor on the beach. She advised him to let Casey make up his own mind regarding Da Braxton. So, the brothers Braxton went to the prison together, where their father filled Casey with clich├ęs like, “You’ve always been a fighter”. Brax has his eye on the counsellor, and Casey has his eye on a repeat prison visit.

Melinda is falling apart, and Lottie has run away from home. Harvey is stepping in, with consoling hugs. I hope romance doesn’t blossom there.

Heath tamed

Well, would you look at Heath Braxton, the doting father. Of course, he just wants the child to get out of hospital quickly so he can get a matching grenade tattoo. Brax is wisely keeping Ma Braxton out of the way till mother and baby improve. He also warned Heath off further contact with Big Da Brax. Ah, Brax,the best of the Brax(es).

Casey confronted Brax about the possible da-release. He also did fantastically crazy eyes. I love Casey-rages.

Casey and Sasha are great mates, with their chats on a rainy beach, and in a messy house.

Harvey has to sell his house and turf Melinda and Lottie out, in order to pay his court fine.

Dex was still mooning after April, and avoiding Lottie as a result. She found out when she went looking for Nurse Walker at the hospital. Dex ‘fessed up and Lottie took it very very well. She went to Matilda looking for sympathy, and got the exact opposite. WAGON DOCTOR. So Lottie took solace with Harvey and Roo, and wants to move in with them.

Heath tried to strong-arm Sid into letting Bianca see the baby. HB really has problems with authority figures. They were all re-united in the end, but Bianca had another fit. GREAT IDEA, HEATH!