“Questionable hairstyle” was what Mathilda’s Uni room mate said when she saw the photo of Ric. Not half.

Ric’s choice

It’s a tough one to figure out. Ric has to choose between going to WA with Mathilda or spending his days with worms and maggots. Yes, that’s right, Ric has chosen the maggots. I think that I might have gone the other way and given Perth a chance. Maybe he’s afraid that they’ll make him cut his hair in Perth. They plan to try a long distance relationship but I can’t see it lasting. He’ll get a phone call in a few weeks and Mathilda has met somebody else and moved on. Poor Ric will have his worms and maggots to comfort him though. That’s worth more than any hot girlfriend.

A momentous day in Summer Bay

Ric managed to get out of fight club with his life intact after Jack used his non cop powers to "arrest" Noel. Fitzy and Jack back in harness? The local crime lords must be quaking in their boots.

All is now well in the world of Ric and Matilda, or is it? There’s just the small matter of Viv and the unborn baby. For a woman who seemed to know exactly what she wanted a few months back, Ric’s manhood, she now seems to have lost the ability to make any decisions.

What of Jack? Is it all falling into place now? Back with Martha, almost back in a blue uniform and engaged, for the third time in little over a year. Himself and Martha are mental. How long will their marriage last this time? Longer than the last one? In summer bay, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.