Pash central

Bianca caught Liam and Gypsy doing slidey slidey on the beach, so she retaliated by pashing with Heath on the couch. She came to her senses though, and legged it.

Ma Braxton is a Class A wagon. She ran up 70,000 in debt on the pokies, and Brax now has to pay for her lawyer instead of Casey’s. She nicked an iPod for Casey then asked him for money. All the while she’s saying things like “You boys would do anything for your mum”. Emotional blackmail by millions!

Lily told Gypsy she knows about the boarding school. I wouldn’t worry if I were her. Mark will be a dot on the horizon soon.


Mr. Braxton McBraxerton didn’t get to kill Hammer’s drive-by bud at Tegan’s funeral, because his ma snitched to the pigs in an effort to keep her son on the straight and narrow. The shooter was some nondescript fool under Hammer’s control. Poor fella. Charlie and Constable Watson fairly put manners on him.

Brax then decided to just shoot Hammer, so said goodbye to Ma Braxton and went back to his house for the gun. Charlie and Constable Watson came to the door and hauled him down to the cop shop. Foiled again! Someone burned down Jake’s gang headquarters. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sign saying “Gang HQ” over the door. Brax denied all knowledge. Who did it then?

Cut to Casey going mental in the kitchen, covered in soot. Tut, tut Case. We all thought you didn’t “have it in you”.

Also, Irene is home from hospital, Gypsy and April rowed over cleaning, Gypsy has a new fella, Lily hates him.  Ta-dah!

That is sick, man

Poor Brax. Poor Darcy. Tegan has them thinking they’re related and they’re not. Brax has called off the DNA test, the fool. Casey is Brax’s chauffeur at the moment; chauffeur and DJ by the looks of it. He overheard Tegan admitting to Ma Braxton that Darcy isn’t Brax’s. Unsure why Lady B is going along with this.

I wasn’t sure about Irene’s new dark hair but it was looking well today. High five, Roberts!

Xavier got April to help cheer Kelly up. She was understandably upset because of her rapey brother. She met Bianca on the beach and the reaction wasn’t great, so Bianca’s off to see a shrink.