Changing times

Sasha is having a hard time adjusting to life without a crush on Casey. Sid told her to get on with things but she won’t listen, the poor love-sick puppy. Sid told his daughter about Casey’s mysterious half-brother Kyle, which he finds a bit far-fetched. Sasha disagreed and she’s right, long-lost relatives are commonplace in the bay. She went to visit Casey in hospital, told him how she feels, and Casey apologised for his behaviour.

Ma Braxton is hanging around, counselling Heath i.e. stirring things up. She stormed over to Irene’s to confront Bianca over the fact that she’s taking care of the funeral details. Bianca was lucky that Irene was in her corner and told Cheryl to sling her hook. I thought Heath and Brax were anti-police but Cheryl takes that to a whole new level, shouting abuse at the sergeant in the hospital which he took with good grace.

The cops are on Casey’s case. Brax was told that they need to find Kyle or else Casey will face further charges related to skipping his bail hearing. Now it’s time for Brax to get all the details on Kyle that he can and track him down. I am somewhat confused in relation to this, didn’t Brax leave Kyle out in the desert? He could be dead by now.

Where is Watson gone?  I miss her and Fitzy.

Dex is struggling to cope with the fact that he can’t help April given all the help she’s given him. Dex’s life has changed and it’s not going back to normal anytime soon. He ended the episode lying on the ground in a heap when April ran off.

Ma Braxton’s mothering tips

Ma Braxton was full of great advice for new parents Bianca and Heath.

  • Dip Rocco’s dummy in whiskey to get him to calm down
  • Hit him on the back of the head if he talks back
  • Dress him in polyester

She reckons that these parenting techniques never did her boys any harm. Looking at Heath, I don’t know if I can agree.

Poor Marilyn is caught in the middle of the John and Gina issue. She is an innocent party but feels guilty because John tried to kiss her. Which would be ok but Jett over heard Marilyn telling Roo about it in the diner.

Dr. Sid had lunch with Lisa, Dex’s therapist. New love interest? It’s been a while since he’s been out with a lady. He deserves some joy in his life given all he’s been through with Dex.

Heath tamed

Well, would you look at Heath Braxton, the doting father. Of course, he just wants the child to get out of hospital quickly so he can get a matching grenade tattoo. Brax is wisely keeping Ma Braxton out of the way till mother and baby improve. He also warned Heath off further contact with Big Da Brax. Ah, Brax,the best of the Brax(es).

Casey confronted Brax about the possible da-release. He also did fantastically crazy eyes. I love Casey-rages.

Casey and Sasha are great mates, with their chats on a rainy beach, and in a messy house.

Harvey has to sell his house and turf Melinda and Lottie out, in order to pay his court fine.

Dex was still mooning after April, and avoiding Lottie as a result. She found out when she went looking for Nurse Walker at the hospital. Dex ‘fessed up and Lottie took it very very well. She went to Matilda looking for sympathy, and got the exact opposite. WAGON DOCTOR. So Lottie took solace with Harvey and Roo, and wants to move in with them.

Heath tried to strong-arm Sid into letting Bianca see the baby. HB really has problems with authority figures. They were all re-united in the end, but Bianca had another fit. GREAT IDEA, HEATH!

Save the baby

Bianca had a seizure right as she was due to have a c-section. She and Heath had previously agreed that the baby’s life was more important than hers and should be prioritised if it came down to a choice between the two. April flipped when she heard this but thankfully Sid and the crew were able to save both mother and baby boy. Heath looked pretty pleased with himself when he saw his flesh and blood.

Brax went to visit his old man in jail. No love lost between that pair and we all know it won’t be long before the Da is back on the street, causing havoc and adding tension to the storylines. Ma Braxton was bad enough, Da Braxton is even more annoying. I suppose they need a new villain now that Harvey and the Brax bros have been reformed. Where have the rest of the river boys disappeared to? Maybe Da Braxton can take over when he’s freed from prison.

Is Leah over Brax now? They seem to be able to have friendly chats without her fawning over him like she used to do. If so, each of them will need a new love interest soon.

There were no maggots in this episode.