No loss

The Bay is a richer community having lost Tony and Rachel. Having debated the issue for days, Tony finally agreed that he would go to America with his Mrs and they got a flight eight and a half minutes later.  Amazing how fast things move in the bay.

At first, it seemed like Lucas would make an appearance to talk Tony around. But a storm struck meaning he couldn’t make it.  Funny how nobody has mentioned him in years until yesterday.  He was a pretty boring character too.

Both characters had promising starts but in recent times, both Rachel and Tony have become rather boring.  I don’t remember they last time they weren’t arguing over boxing, John Palmer or something else boring and domestic.  Now that they’re gone to America, the girls of the bay will have to look elsewhere for self defence lessons, maybe Alf will give classes on how to “knock a bloke’s block off”.


Oh my goodness, would Rachel and Tony ever EFF OFF?  This saga has been going on for yonkers in Home and Away terms.  Now Rachel has slyly invited Lucas home in the hopes that he’d convince Tony that in America, the streets are paved with gold.  Tony rightly thought that Rachel was being a domineering wagon.  Meanwhile the only thing that the audience cares about is – is Lucas going to be played by the same actor as previously?

Poor Romeo was scared to tell Indy he is a virgin.  I personally can’t believe he never took it to the next level with Annie – NOT.

Dexter stood in for his da on a date with Marilyn.  She wasn’t too impressed but then he was being a weirdo stalker.

Penn told Nicole a load of horse manure about his childhood and now they are friends again.  We didn’t get to hear what his big secret was; no doubt it will be revealed in a shocking manner shortly.