Heath is a hero

Heath told Bianca she was doing his head in, because she had a mickeyfit when he proposed. You and me both, Heath old boy.

Heath is so easily led, though, that he’ll soon come around to Bianca’s way of thinking. It only took Celia 10 minutes to brainwash him. He’s so angry and simple.

There’s no room for April in Irene’s; she’ll have to head off into the wide blue yonder and become a doctor. You can’t really stay in the Bay once you go to Uni. Indi manages it, but she barely goes, she’s far too busy working in the diner Angelo’s. Dani had a few Uni scenes, but took off shortly afterwards. Countless others have just disappeared into the arms of education.

Roo is being extra-extra weird around Maddie and Spencer. What’s it all about, Harvey?

Do you think we will ever see Lottie again? Maybe she died of those measles/chickenpox.

So you think you’re tough?

Harvey is hanging around the city with his ex and Lottie almost caught them in bed. She told Harvey to give his fiance a ring and they sorted things out over the phone and he headed back to the bay. If only Harvey had half the sense of his daughter. Will Harvey tell Roo that he slept with Mel? Probably not but she’ll find out somehow.

Jet apologised to Veej for being a bully and a dick, which Veej accepted without any qualms, they’re best mates now. Veej doesn’t have any time for Liam and is annoyed with him practicing guitar in the house. Jet is impressed with the fact that Veej is living with a real life (ex) rock star, a lot more impressed than Jet is.

Case is staying up all night doing weights, his guns are going to be massive, which will be useful in prison. Brax is worried about him, but Casey says he’s looking after things – I know who I believe. Brax was so worried he decided to kick Casey’s door in and found all his stuff piled up in the corner, which is no way to live your life according to Brax. Casey flipped and managed to floor Brax with one punch. Hardy man.

Ow, me knee

There are romantic disasters a-plenty in Summer Bay at the moment.

Harvey went to his ex’s house after he misunderstood the state of his relationship with Roo. Handily, Lottie was at some camp or other. Harvey’s ex seemed to have undergone a personality transplant; she was very giggly and quite nice. Of course, Harvey couldn’t resist the allure of her mild hospitality, and they ended up kissing.

Meanwhile, a despondent Roo was phoning him over and over. What a bleedin’ mess.

The high point of this episode was an amazing montage in which Romeo dashed into the surf, out of the surf, carried a surfboard, and just started sprinting. Unfortunately, the montage ended in a sickening crunch, which meant he’d only gone and done his knee in again. Dr. Sid was none too impressed.

While sitting injured in the Diner, Romeo ran into Indi, who announced that she and Liam were no more. Despite his gammy knee, Romeo got on his high horse and told Indi he couldn’t support her in her break-up, when she’d given up on their marriage so easily. Eh, hello Romeo? What about living and having a pretendy-baby with Ruby?

Back at the gaff, Romeo started quizzing Marilyn on alternative therapies for his knee. When she couldn’t help him, he went online and started researching steroids. Uh-oh! (Bet Heath could get him some)


We’re back and all caught up, here are our thoughts:

  • That’s the end of Ruby, everyone was surprisingly nice to her in the end. Hope she has fun in the US.
  • Roo marrying Harvey, why bother?
  • Will Lottie be back for the wedding?
  • Good hair April
  • Good graveside chat Brax (oi)
  • Good cutting Dex out of car scene
  • Why didn’t the picture get damaged in the car?
  • Orange overalls yes