Danger here

Summer Bay is a dangerous town.  Psychos and the unhinged flock there like migrating birds.  At the present time, two kidnappers are on the go.  One has been caught due to Roman’s super heroics.  Aden surely won’t be far behind.

Feckin’ Aden.  I thought he was going to follow the template of crook-kid-come-good but he’s royally stuffed it up now.  Maybe Morag will get him out of it if she ever returns from honeymoon.

Although lawbreakers abound, the most dangerous place in this treacherous town is not the Diner or the Surf Club.  It’s the womb.  Woe betide you if you are the result of a fling between two unsuited people.  You won’t gestate beyond three months.  Look at Martha and Viv; it’s heartbreaking.  This is another similarity between Home and Away and Lost.  Pregnancies are a disaster in both locales.