Will smash!

That wasn’t a very good day for Will, now was it?  First he got some bad news in a letter so he went home to drown his sorrows with a few beers. Next Alf came around and gave him the sack.  Business is bad down the bait shop. Then Will rang Gypsy but she refused to talk to him or let him explain.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Will lost the plot and wrecked the gaff. Poor Irene and Lilly came home to find him smashing the place up.  The funniest part was watching him try to pull a piece of the worktop apart but he had to give up as it wasn’t moving.  Sad but funny at the same time.  Poor Will. Gawd save Ireland, Irene will have some clean up job, in more ways than one.

There’s been a murder

from sydney.jollypeople.com

Robert Robertson is back in force after his Christmas break. He’s interviewed a few of the locals and found out that Alf told Penn he’d “flamin’ kill” him, on the very night he was “murdered”.

I bet Penn’s hiding out somewhere. Probably with Hugo and Martha, in the secret Aussie hiding place.

Dr. Sid called around to deliver Nicole’s HIV results. She’s clear. That’s probably because she didn’t hang out with HIV Henk much.

Will and Irene had a good oul’ heart to heart.  He cheated on Gypsy and she ran away.  That’s why the young one is afraid Daddy Will Smith will run off too.  She doesn’t want to go to school either, probably because she’s the only child in Summer Bay.