There was a collective shout of OHHHHH in our house just now, as preteen Lily told prospective da Mark that mammy Gypsy was being bold on the beach with Liam Murphy, all-round rockstar. The only one I feel sorry for is Irene. She’s trying to recover from chemo in the midst of many dramas. At least her illness means she can get Lily to do the dishes.

Charlie was ready to ride Brax, but found his lawyer’s earring in his car. That car sees some action.

Leah is being a wagon to Miles. I hope they do break up. She’s telling him he pushed her into going ahead with the pregnancy. He did in his HOOP, Leah.

Pash central

Bianca caught Liam and Gypsy doing slidey slidey on the beach, so she retaliated by pashing with Heath on the couch. She came to her senses though, and legged it.

Ma Braxton is a Class A wagon. She ran up 70,000 in debt on the pokies, and Brax now has to pay for her lawyer instead of Casey’s. She nicked an iPod for Casey then asked him for money. All the while she’s saying things like “You boys would do anything for your mum”. Emotional blackmail by millions!

Lily told Gypsy she knows about the boarding school. I wouldn’t worry if I were her. Mark will be a dot on the horizon soon.

Bayside story

What’s going on with Liam and Bianca now? I thought they were broken up, for good this time. But when Liam called over to Heath’s gaff to find her in his robe, he was severely miffed.  He stormed off for a mope thinking she was with Heath.

Gypsy had a row with Lily and went for a walk which meant that she bumped into Murph.   She didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she has a boyfriend and indulged in some extra curricular liaisons with the rockstar/waiter.  Cue Bianca finding them caught up in their passion?

What is Harvey playing at? Romeo is dead sus, thinking his plan is to do him out a big charter business.  He even tried to warn Roo off him, to no avail. She seems happy enough with him, for now. I can’t see it lasting given his devious nature.

The h&a makeup artists deserves credit for Irene’s complexion in recent episodes. She looks like death warmed up. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see her turn up in an episode of the Walking dead.

Snared rapid

Casey is royally screwed now. YCPD snared him on cctv heading to Jake’s and coming back.  Doesn’t tally with his alibi of being in bed sick.

Heath told Casey that he had to leg it, go on the run. So eff the HSC, it’s a life of crime for him. Ruby is distraught and will have to pine for him while he’s away. How long before Ruby spills the beans to Charlie?

The tension between Bianca and Gypsy is simmering away.  Does Bianca want Liam back? Himself and Gypsy reckon not but she doesn’t want him to be with anyone else, namely Gypsy.  Little Lily clearly favours the Ireland’s own Murphy over her mother’s current boyfriend, and tried to blackmail her into choosing Liam.  Lily has a bit of a divil in her, taking after her mother.