Banjo-playing backwater

Well, Alf is out and he’s ready for a scrap.  He’s raging against the changes made to the surf club in his absence by the original JP.  Personally, I don’t think they’re too outrageous.  Paying for parking after four hours is fair enough.  How could you spend four solid hours in the surf club anyway?

Despite his new-found vigour, Alf has also emerged as the most forgiving man in all Australia.  First he had a chinwag to Irene, who was ready to see him locked away for life.  Then he hightailed it down to the cop shop for a tete-a-tete with Will, even convincing him to speak to Lilly before he went down.

Will turned out to be a bit of a tragic figure.  He’s off to jail and for a long time, be the sound of it.  I’m living for the day when Gypsy shows up.

Lilly seemed happy enough with her da’s explanation of what happened.  So much so that she gave Veej his first kiss.  Cute!

Morag and Colleen deserve their own spin-off show.  Their repartee is delicious.


The truth is revealed!  At last we know whodunit.  Will finished Penn off with Alf’s knife.  Daria/Shandi knew the story and was there while it happened.

Alf is in the clear now and Will’s going away for a long time unless he can convince the court it was self defence. He’ll be banged up in the big house.

Who’ll take care of Lilly now?  She should go back to her mother Gypsy but I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene tried to keep her.

I’m glad that’s over with.  Penn was a pain in the hole.  Will did us all a favour by stabbing him. But the inquest has dragged on for bleedin’ ages.  Is it time that Det Robert Robertson fecked off now?

The childsnatcher

They’re driving on your highways, they’re snatching your children up.

Poor Leah and Will freaked out because Lilly and VJ tried to run away to Africa. They needed a bit of help on the way as they couldn’t walk to the airport.  Luckily/unluckily, Gary the friendly paedo was on hand in his battered red car to give them a lift.  Unfortunately for him, Robert Robertson decided it was good police practice to ignore his ongoing murder case and switch attention to the missing children.  Cue a high speed chase, Robert’s on the case.

Meanwhile, the kids have legged it and Gary got a grilling. Robert managed to find them hiding down the back of a garage. All that was wrong with them was an empty stomach. All’s well that ends well and all that.