Romeo the ultimate dickhead

Romeo, in an unbelievably selfish move, left the Bay with Liam Murphy. He said goodbye to Indi in a letter, but neglected to mention that he had cancer. So, she was totally bamboozled. Sid was caught in the middle, and eventually told his daughter the truth. Good acting, poor Indi.

Ricky and Cheryl were stirring things up ’round the Braxtons, mentioning Adam to Bianca, and slagging off Kyle.

Brax gave Kyle a great lecture, about not letting Casey down. He’s a good man for a telling-off. So, Kyle apologised to Casey.

Heath, in an extremely unusual move, gave his ma a lecture over being a wagon to Bianca. It was Braxton Bollocking day.

We reckon Ricky is on a revenge mission to the Bay.

Boxing brothers

Romeo and Indi had their last hurrah by the lighthouse before he told her about his condition. She said she’s ready to have children with him, bad timing as he’s dying. He wrote her a letter and left it by her side as she slept. Brave move dude.

Heath and Bianca had their engagement party in Angelo’s. It was a classy affair, all of the River Boys put on their fancy cloths. Tamara wore a dress for the first time, thanks to April’s help. Adam’s sister Ricky showed up and Brax did a good bit of flirting with her. That was all going fine until Natalie showed up. Kyle got a bit jealous when looking at Casey and Tamara pashing. Then Cheryl showed up to cause havoc but she liked Tamara, surprisingly. Bianca on the other hand, she hates. Kyle got locked and faced off with Casey, who knocked him out after Ma Braxton told everybody that he has the hots for Tamara.

Liam turned up to say goodbye to the bay, forever. He’s off to spend more time with his son. He had to go really, there were no more employment options left for him in the Bay, he’s tried teacher, rock star, barman, restaurateur, he’s just on the dole now, so he may as well cruise off. Farewell rock star, again, I thought he was gone two weeks ago but this time it’s for real.

Romeo’s reluctant to reveal

Romeo should’ve been a holiday planner, instead of a gym bunny. He took Indi off for the weekend to some beautiful tent by the sea, where they gazed into each other’s eyes and re-affirmed their love. It was the perfect place to tell her that he’s sick, wasn’t it?

NO! Mr. Smith is still dragging his heels on the old sharing-your-life-with-your-wife front. But it’s imminent. He has to tell her soon.

Liam Murphy is leaving the Bay in tomorrow’s episode, a suitably low-key farewell for a character that’s run out of steam. He’s tried every job in the Bay, and there’s nothing left for him to do.

Kyle and Heath are planning an engagement party for Beeyonka. No-one can go, and it’s going to be a disaster.

No-one, that is, except Nosey Natalie and her Braxton fixation. Her fella practically begged her to go along and support Bianca. He said he’d stay at home, LIKE A SAP.

Spencer’s brother has arrived, looking very shifty. He told Spence that Mammy Spence really misses him. It sounds like Daddy Spence is a total dickhead. I hope  they all move to the Bay.

Maddie was still wearing the VMD (very mad dress). Is she trying to out-Roo Roo?

Bay’s Anatomy

For a second there, I thought I was watching the wrong show. Between April and dishy doctor-teacher Jake (Twomey?), and Dex and his prankster nurse, it was like being back in Seattle Grace. Are there a few intra-medical romances coming our way? I do hope so.

Casey and Tamara moved in together, in a gaff that Brax had but never used. You could’ve put one of your many house guests in there, Darryl. There was a bit of nudiness, then Casey broke out the moodboards, and decorated the place. He has a real knack. The first interior designer River Boy.

Romeo has my heart broke already. He is croaky, he is bewildered, and he still hasn’t told Indi. Bit mean of him to keep asking his buds to keep his secret, and isn’t he wasting time, the very commodity he’s so concerned about?

Liam Murphy is actually leaving now. He’s giving it another go with Ash. Is that the son or the ex-wife? Either way, tomorrow is probably his last episode, if he obeys the rules of the Summer Bay Time Warp.