Bye bye Belle

So, Belle is a goner. She only got married last week, yesterday she was swimming and today, she’s kaput. That was the fastest non-accidental demise ever.

Still and all when it came to it, it was touching, and nice that Belle got to go home to Irene’s. I half expected Aden to climb out the window the next morning. Earlier in the episode there was loads of messing with Liam Murphy trying to make amends, and Amanda trying to hospitalise Belle. Sound Doctor Sid sorted her out by calling Rachel in. I’m not really sure what Rachel did, but it worked.


Well, it doesn’t matter now that the Surf Festival has been cancelled because Liam Murphy is organising…a Drugs Fest.  The first of its kind in Summer Bay, Drugs Fest is bound to attract both young and old.  Among the acts on show are roof walkers and raging ladies, fitness freaks and cop killers.  Get your tickets while you can!